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    Thanks for the input. I was 88% sure that I would go with Capella's online program but now I'm not convinced. In North Carolina to become a psychological associate (also an aspiration of mine), it says that the education program "shall have an identifiable body of students in residence at the institution who are matriculated in that program for a degree..." I'm not sure if their required residential colloquia fits the bill. I will also have to write to my local DPI (department of public instruction) to make sure this program will allow me to work as a school psychologist in the school system. Anyone else with thoughts on this please share.
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    I don't believe Capella is a NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) approved program. NASP accreditation is the standard for sch. psyc. programs and many states require graduation from a NASP accredited program for certification. I don't believe NASP has accredited any distance learning program. Their website has a list of accredited programs:
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    Re: Re: School Psychology

    The "Gold Standard" for School Psychology program accreditation is NASP.

    However it should also be noted that the APA (American Psychological Association) also accredits school psychology programs...

    *****As always with any professional licensure issue, ALWAYS check with the appropriate licencing agency about any program that you are considering spending your hard earned cash on BEFORE you invest even the smallest amount of money!*****

    Walden University also has a DL school psych program (Ph.D. - Licensure)...

    For others with interest, Capella's M.S. and Ed.S. School Psych program is here...

    ...and Capella's M.S. in Ed Psych is here...

    ...and Capella's Ph.D. in Ed Psych is here...

    P.S. Whereas APU is regionally accredited, the Ed Psych program that I am in is not yet NASP accredited (I am told that it is in progress)... so in order to be able to move out of state I must usually have either a certain number of years of experience in the field and/or NASP certification as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP).

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