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    Hey! It's been a little more than a week since my last posting to this thread (actually, it's been a little more than a month) so I thought I'd throw something new into the mix. I'm talking about the Open University (UK). Those of you living in the EU or other places around the globe can access all of the degree programs offered. (I'm envious)

    Those of us in the USA don't have that degree of access but we can still take courses. Here's the list.

    It could be just the thing for someone who needs to pick up a few credits in a specific area and so it's my pick of the week/month.
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    As usual, I have been slow in posting to this thread. However, today I'd like to thank the people at Mercy College for updating me on their online degree programs.

    They offer 2 Associate degree programs, 12 Undergrad degree programs and 11 grad degree programs. Located in New York, this is a B&M school that is regionally accredited. I'd also like to point out that some of the degrees they offer are "hard to find" degrees. Go take a look. It's a nice school that's stretching their wings and reaching out to students.
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    QS World University Rankings results

    I like this site because it showcases QS World University Rankings results. My alma mater. UCL, was the seventh best in the world if you believe them!

    Don't put much stock in the QS World University Rankings. The University of Chicago is 8th on this list. Chicago students have to work at least twice as hard as UCL students and Chicago students are much, much, much smarter.
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    FL TEACHERS wanted to teach elementary level students for a 3-Week Summer School Program - teaching experience preferred. Round Trip Airline Tickets and Room & Board Paid. CEUs may be available.

    Dr. Ann Davis at 760-634-2040 or E-mail: [email protected] Dr. Elisabeth Montgomery at 510-601-6286 or E-mail:
    [email protected]

    The school that will host and house us and our teaching teams is one of the most elite and innovative in China. **The opportunity to stay and teach on a one-year renewable contract is available if you wish after the summer camp. Shenzhen City is a modern, safe, and secure city on the southern coast of China. It is twenty-five miles from Hong Kong about one hour by ferry, subway, or bus.
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    I have a program that I haven't seen discussed here (granted I haven't been here for very long) that seems to offer a wide variety of programs via distance learning. The University of Virginia.
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    all the virtues

    Can anyone out there point me toward an MA in English, Liberal Studies or
    Humanities that A) would accept 10 units from other grad schools B) has
    classes you can start anytime, or at least has more start options than the usual semester system C) is regionally accredited D) doesn't cost a fortune?

    I'm probably asking too much, but it is free to ask, right?

    I only recently found TESC and Excelsior. Excelsior might work but it is expensive, and with TESC I am having trouble getting answers to my questions
    on the web site and people don't call me back when I phone.

    Any input or pointers would be gratefully received.

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    I'm waaaay overdue making a new contribution to this thread so here it is. We have a lot of people, long-term members, newbies, infrequent visitors and lurkers (c'mon you lurkers, turn off the cloaking devices) who are interested in psychology grad programs. There's always talk about NCU, Walden, Argosy, Fielding, etc. but you hardly ever here anyone mention the University of the Rockies. They have some very nice looking grad degrees across a wide spectrum in the field of psychology.

    I'm looking at MA degrees and PsyD degrees in Psychology with these specializations:
    criminal justice
    executive coaching
    general psych
    health and wellness
    mediation/conflict resolution
    non-profit mgmt
    org consulting
    org leadership
    sports/performance psych

    Check it out and don't forget to include the U of R on the list of schools offering professional psych degrees.
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    OK, so someone who is determined to be a lurker tipped me to this school.

    The Academy of Art University is the largest private art school in the USA. They offer all sorts of majors at the Bachelors degree level. This is definitely a school that doesn't get enough press and if any of our other members (lurkers! decloak!) have any experience with this school then it would be great to get that out to others who might be on the edge but don't know which way to jump.
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    Lincoln College Online

    What a great Thread!

    Lincoln College Online offers online degrees and programs for associate and bachelor degrees online. Some of the online degrees are in criminal justice, business management, medical coding and billing, graphic design, web design and more!

    Gotta give a thumbs up to my alma mater!
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    Acredited by the ACICS. While legitimate and better than nothing, the ACICS is definitely the least prestigious and selective of the accreditors. So far as I can tell, all the institutions accreditted by this organization are "for profit" corporations.

    Golf Academy of America
    Professional Golfers Career Academy
    something named "Fastrain"
    Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences
    Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts Dallas

    Here's an exercise: look at the picture of Pacific States University at

    then google the actual address:
    1516 South Western Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90006

    and select "street view"

    I guess the ACISC doesn't care if its accredited schools misrepresent themselves.

    Here's University of Antelope Valley. A couple of run-down storefronts in the the desert.

    44201 10th Street West,
    Lancaster, CA 93534

    Some "universities"!
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    One hidden treasures I found is TUI university. It is very reputable university and cost for california residents is just $250.00 per credit hour. I don't know of any other institute offering that for computer science program and even masters. Very easy format, only CD courses, no exams and above all ; excellent customer service.
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    My Pick - Sustainable Architecture Certificates

    There are some new, interesting and hot career relevant certificates
    online this year from Boston Architectural (RA):

    Boston Architectural College (MA)
    Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Building Design and Construction
    Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Planning and Design
    Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Design
    Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Residential Design

    I always wanted to be an architect ... V

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