Scandinavia: Distance Learning Degrees?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by samkoyejo, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. samkoyejo

    samkoyejo New Member

    Does anyone know any schools in the scandinavia (Sweden,Finland,Norway etc) offering distance learning degrees at any level?

    Pls share with the forum.

  2. rabbuhl

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  3. warguns

    warguns Member

    I've posted previously that: Here's another Free DL Masters degree, this one in in Child Studies at Linköping University. 2 years; full time. Free. Excellent reputation.

    I've applied to the Web MBA program at BTH . My docs have been received. I'm awaiting evaluation.

    Note to those interested in the BTH MBA: It's unclear to me how those admitted are selected. Only evidence of prior degrees and TOEFL (waived for Americans, even from New Jersey) is submitted. No personal statement, no references, no prior business experience.

    Maybe this additional information is required after the first cut (imminent).
  4. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

  5. warguns

    warguns Member

    scandinavia distance learning degrees

    University of Gävle

    MBA Marketing
  6. rince

    rince New Member

    Swedish universities in particular are very tight about who they let in. The vast majoriity of them require Swedish from high school, even the courses that are offered in English.

    Having said that the Swedes has taken distance education to heart and most universities offer courses online. There is a centralised website for all courses, it's in Swedish so good luck with that one (any help just ask).

    Umeå university offer courses in web design, beginners and advanced, worth 7.5 and 15 ects points respectively. Foreigeners can do this course, rotating application and it is all in English, no exams and it is free (could that be any better). The agriculture school offer a course called Food in Europe (Mat i Europa), in English , foreigners can apply, only cost is books (around $40) and again no exams. Both universities are recognised state universities and so are as accredited as you can get in Europe. You don't need to hve Swedish to apply for these courses.

    Hope this help (sorry could not find the URLS of the two schools.

    I have not checked regarding masters or further but those courses are also available online throughout Sweden.

    Good Luck
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  7. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    Here is the URL to the English version of the website :D
  8. samkoyejo

    samkoyejo New Member

    Hi - rabbuhl, warguns and others.Thanks for your ideas.

    Well it seems some schools in sweden dont offer free MBA (Sweden School of Economics, Lund University etc) anymore and Blekinge (BTH) has stopped receiving MBA applications for 2007.

    Any ideas on other schools in sweden doing free masters courses, preferably MBA?

    Well, any other s
  9. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    On you can search for MBA programs. It shows Blekinge Institute of Technology and Stockholm School of Economics as having MBA programs. I am not sure whether the Stockholm School of Economics MBA is online.

    Do the other Scandinavian countries offer free MBA's? You can check other European programs by looking at this website.
  10. scotty

    scotty New Member

    Stockholm school of Economics does not offer an online option (plus, it is very expensive at about $45,000!).
  11. samkoyejo

    samkoyejo New Member

    Any other ideas of tuition free degree programs?

  12. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

  13. scotty

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  14. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

  15. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    From you should be able find these universities or organizations in Scandinavia. I checked out the Tietgen Business College website and their program is tution free as well (not sure if it is a DL program).

    Copenhagen Business School
    The Danish Association for Flexible Learning
    Tietgen Business College

    Finnish Virtual University
    HCI Productions Oy
    Helsinki University of Technology, Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli
    University of Turku

    Midt i Norden
    NADE - Norwegian Association for Distance and Flexible Education
    NKI Distance Education
    NKS, Ernst. G. Mortensens Foundation
    Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
    Norwegian Networked University
    Norway Opening Universities
    University of Bergen, Centre for Continuing Education
    University of Oslo
    VOX - Norwegian Institute for Adult Education

    CFL - Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning
    Lulea University of Technology
    Lund University
    Malmö University - Teacher Education
    Örebro University
    The Regional Association of HE in SW Jonköping University
    SADE - Swedish Assocation for Distance Education
    Swedish Agency for Networks and Cooperation in Higher Education
    University of Gavle
    Umea University
  16. samkoyejo

    samkoyejo New Member

    Hi Rubbuhl...thanks very much for your comments...however i didnt find any of those schools you listed doing distance or online learning for their degrees.
    Please suggest.

  17. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    The Finnish Virtual University offers online courses but it hard for me to search to far because a lot of the links are not in English.

    If you are searching for an online MBA you might try calling Blekinge Institute of Technology and asking them for advice about other tuition-free online MBA programs.

    Using the list on try contacting people who are associated with distance learning in Scandinavia to see if you can get a list of online degree programs in that region.
  18. samkoyejo

    samkoyejo New Member


    As for Blekinge - the application deadline is already passed.

    Finnish Open Univ. seems to have only courses and not entire degree programs besides, very few are completely web based.

  19. rabbuhl

    rabbuhl New Member

    Either wait another year and then apply to Blekinge or try to find a similar program.
  20. mariaberg

    mariaberg New Member

    I was going through some educational sites few days ago and I found Hermods. Hermods is a Sweden based educational company. You can find more information regarding distance learning on their website.

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