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    I am enrolled in a course, and I received this email with a survey attached to it.

    The Saylor Academy is considering opportunities to align a full suite of courses to individual credit-by-exam programs offered by third-party institutions. In such a model, a student would complete free Saylor Academy courses that match an accredited institution’s degree requirements. These courses would not be led by an instructor, would have no start/end dates, and could be completed by students at the times convenient to them -- the same way current Saylor courses are structured.

    Students could subsequently earn credit, and ultimately even a degree, by passing comprehensive exams administered by a single degree granting institution. The cost for each credit-bearing exam would be approximately $100.00 US*. Total cost for a degree, with fees, would range between $3,000-5,000* depending on whether an Associates Degree (60 credits/20 exams) or a Bachelors Degree (120 credits/40 exams) was earned. Cost could be reduced for students who have previously earned transferable college credit.

    Such a degree program would be optional. There would be no requirement for students to register and take credit-bearing exams aligned to Saylor courses, and students would continue to have access to free versions of Saylor Academy credentials.

    *Note: Currently, federal financial aid funds can not be used to pay for exam fees.
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    Yes! I saw this too. They pulled together a credit aligned business degree - I posted it over on my homeschool page. You're essentially using Saylor for indy-study and finding an exam to match. As I understand, they don't yet have a lock with a specific school, but this is a bit like using Khan Academy, Annenberg, etc. to DIY your education. I love it. My only criticism of Saylor (3 of my sons have taken full courses with them) is there are no ANSWER keys. Seriously. So, do the problems, and hope for the best lol.

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