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  1. fortiterinre

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    Long time lurker, first time poster, as they say. I am just finished with my thesis at Northwestern University, and realized to my horror that I could be looking at an immediate future without school. I am fortunate to have some self-directed time in the next couple of years, and DL might be a wonderful way to use it.

    I have long been interested in the Saybrook Institute, famous as a center of humanistic psychology. Anyone here students, graduates, or also-interested?

    The tuition is alarming, and there are residencies of one week per semester, which some would say hardly counts as DL. Anyone with experience or opinions, thank you for your response.
  2. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    I'd do it if I could afford it.
  3. BlackBird

    BlackBird Member

    Consider Capella

    Have you considered Capella University?

    At Capella's Harold Abel School of Psychology you only pay on a per course basis. I, also considered Saybrook or Union but when I saw you had to pay on a per year basis regardless of how many credits you carry, I said, "Good bye!"

    I am very happy with Capella. Plus, it is larger and has more resources. With now, 10,000 students, and still growing, it is having faster name recognition. They, also are soon to obtain their APA accreditation for clinical and counseling tracks.

    I am currently in my dissertation. I have no regrets. My profs are top notch. My dept. chair sat under the greats such as Minuchin, Satir, Whitaker, etc.

    At Capella, you only do three total residencies and no more. Each lasting a little over a week. They have about 7 per year in many major cities.
  4. BillDayson

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    Saybrook really is famous among humanistic psychologists. (It's unusual for a DL school to have a name.) Judged from that niche, it might be one of the more high-profile DL programs available. But if you aren't tuned into their approach to humanistic psychology, then it might just seem a little flaky.

    My impression is that it's a specialized school for specialized tastes. But if your tastes coincide with what they are doing, then it might be a pretty good choice.
  5. fortiterinre

    fortiterinre New Member

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I am a very conservative person, but I do genuinely like humanistic psychology. I see it as a natural way of integrating a person's faith life in therapy and worldview, although Liberty University might be a better match for me based on some of my views!

    I have thought of Capella and am glad to hear that it is closer to APA accreditation. Blackbird, do you recommend their master's program as well? I certainly prefer to pay per course than year-by-year.
  6. BlackBird

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    Back to Fort


    I recommend their Masters degrees. You can go one of two ways:

    1) Get a masters through the school of Psychology

    2) Get a masters through the school of Human Services

    I know that with the school of Psychology you pay on a per course basis. You would have to check the school of Human Services if the same holds true.

    One advantage of going through the School of Human Services at Capella is that it is the only online Masters in counseling that has
    CACREP accreditation right now. That is the highest level/credential you can get in a Masters to qualify you for state licensure as a Licensed Prof. Counselor/Licensed Mental Health Counselor. It is like the APA accreditation but at the Master's level.

    As far as your faith is concerned, Capella respects that. There are many protestant, evangelical ministers I've met in the doctoral program. My committee mentor is a Lt. Col. Chaplain in the US Army. I have had many opportunities to write papers based on issues that I see from my past ministerial background. A good bud doing his doctorate, as I am, and who pastors a church of over 1000 is doing his dissertation on cult personality evaluation. Also, he has written papers on pastoral co-dependency. I have done papers on masculinity, feminisim, corporeal punishment, etc. I've done well and my profs have liked my papers.

    I hope this helps.

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