SATS seems weak in Old Testament Studies

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    Re: ag shame

    Tinker's dam. Not wise to damn the Travellers. :)
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    Re: ag shame

    Uncle Janko,

    Thank for the rebuke. Thanks for caring. Thanks for being fair and objective.


    You know I have great admiration for you.

    Degree Info,

    My apologies.

    Peace and love!
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    Re: ag shame

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    Re: Re: ag shame


    Sound arguments are always welcome here, especially from someone as credible as yourself. I obviously can't force you to stay, but I think it would be a huge loss to see you leave.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'courses'. Do you mean individual classes (American style 3-unit numbers) or entire degree programs?

    And I'm not sure what you mean by 'the big three'. TESC, Excelsior and COSC? They don't offer degrees in theology. Are you proposing to take SATS theology classes individually and then transfer them into a bachelor's program in something else?

    I don't think that the questions regarding Dr. Peppler's degrees will effect the transferability of SATS courses.

    That depends on SATS' recognition in South Africa and on whether that recognition is recognized here. My impression is that it is, but you might want to verify that wherever you want the credit to go.

    Probably a more critical problem is whether or not the SATS coursework fits wherever you intend to insert it. Transfer credit always runs into that problem and it's common for accredited schools to reject credit from other accredited schools because the classes don't satisfy syllabus requirements. Again, you probably need to check with wherever you anticipate transferring the SATS classes.

    As for Bill Grover's concerns, I think that his point is well taken. But that possible weakness in SATS' graduate curricula wouldn't be particularly relevant to transfer of individual classes. Where it might cause the most problems is if somebody with a SATS doctorate is competing for a teaching job, particularly if that position involves teaching classes in areas where SATS is weak.
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    Hi John: The excellent posts by Bill Dayson and Gregg DesElms said what I was going to say, and better.


    Thanks, Jimmy.
    Thanks, Decimon.


    What Bruce said.
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