Sarasota University Withdraws Accreditation

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    They were under a show cause order with the DEAC and I guess they decided to bail, maybe before the hammer drops, maybe in hopes of hooking up with another accreditor. There is also the possibility of closing as I've seen that happen a number of times over the years: a school withdraws accreditation, then closes soon after.

    If choosing to go unaccredited, will they survive? I have my doubts.
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    They're withdrawing because they only have 40 students! I don't think 40 students will allow this school to sustain operations.
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    Maybe offering a degree or 99 through Coursera or EdX might save them? How about a Groupon?
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    I wouldn't have thought so either, it's an incredibly low number. But one of the things I picked up from the NCES database is that there are schools with very low enrollments that somehow manage to keep operating. For instance, Huntington University of Health Sciences (DEAC school also) had less than 100 students at the time I read the data a few years ago, I think it was like 84? It was really low. On the bright side, they now have 147 which is still extremely low and doesn't seem like enough to sustain a staff, faculty and building, but somehow they've managed to stay alive a really long time with numbers like those.
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    $300K (my estimate for their revenue based on half-time enrollment of their 40 students @ $500 a credit) is indeed a lean operation. If they had a small number of professors, no building, and digital courses they might be able to pull it off though.
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