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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by lspahn, Dec 13, 2005.

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    greetings lou,

    Thank you for sharing. I wish they provided more information as to what it really takes to get the "degree".

    It looks like they want you to go buy up a bunch of SANs training classes. . .

    looks a little like

    and I think I still like this better
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    As far as SANS training and Certs go, well they are top notch and eecouncil, IMHO, is not in the same league. I would take a guy with 4 or 5 GIAC certs over any degree any day of the week. But it seems as it would be beneficial to do both. I am schedule to take 508 in Feb. so I am very interestd. Also, I have to wonder if they get accredidation, if you will be able to use GIAC certs as grad credit....

    As for Charles Sturt.....I hold alot of certs...Anyone got a feel for the reputation of the school as well as the ability to get into a PHD program such as Nova.....
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    I want to do that Nova program as well. good stuff.

    I just finished three more classes at Capitol. Just three more to go until the MS - it has been a fun ride. Great school.

    Now my big choice will be selected Nova or Capitol for the PhD.

    I agree about the SANS certs. They much better (IMO) than EC. . . as far as Certs over a degree, that is a little harder for me to agree with. I guess it would just depend on the person.

    So what is next on your list? I am not sure I am 100% ready for a PhD program, so I was thinking about doing a MSCS program until I get some more time working in security ... I may also just hold off and work on my CISSP.
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    The CISSP has open alot of doors for me. I can help you with a study plan if you are going to go for it. It was difficult, but I think people get a freaked out when they dont need to. Let me know what your plans are, I stil have alot of links and some prep material. One of the good thing about the CISSP is that alot of companies need them to deal with compliance issues.

    As for Certs Vs. Degree...I think it usually depends on the function of the job, but IT is a field that performance matter more than anything, but you always have to get past HR. Thats the real challange. You could have a MS, CISSP, and others and if you dont pull it off in the interview your toast.

    I think also that the SANS certs hold up much better than most others because of the hands on requirements (classwork). The CCIE is still the cream of the crop, and if you look at what makes it exclusive its the hands on. The Red Hat Eng is another good example.

    How was the PMI class???? I heard the test was abit tough, but not as bad as some others. Also consider CISA/CISM and believe it or not I see some calls for CPAs...That is a rough test...
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    I didn't see anything concerning RA or NSA CAEIAE status. SANS could probably get away without it but I'd be surprised if they weren't pursuing them.
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    If they grabbed an RA my decision would be made. You would end up with the MS and the GIAC certs. The college requires gold level certs which mean a white paper on the corsework. THey are usually quality material.
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    SANS and EC would be better off teaming up with a college than doing their own. Im sure there is someone who is willing to work with them. I have reviewed some of the GIAC coursework and it is more than alittle tough, tough than some of the 500 level coursework a friend of mine is taking.

    No to mention, you would be totally certed out when you graduated.
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    "We estimate the total cost to complete either program to be about $28,000 - $30,000"

    Wow, how did I not see this before? There is no way in hell.

    I can do my PhD at Nova for $37K ... and that includes my travel, meals, etc.

    I am not even sure if SANs U is covered at my company. The program looks cool, but the cost is nuts.

    I am also a little unsure if you have to go to their training. Would they allow self study to get the "degree"?

    This page makes me think "yes".

    However, each test is ~ $800 to take. Trash.
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    They are very expensive tests, and not easy. There is little to no prep material except the official stuff, so they are going to get you there too. Now, if you work for someone who will pay for cert training than its a good deal. I have worked for vendors that will pay for certs but no college. Go figure?

    Still wishin the CISSP was good for credit somewhere besides capella...
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    Got a SANS catalog in the mail yesterday for their DC event this summer and it has a bit of an update

    " is licensed to grant degrees in the state of Maryland. We cannot seek official accreditation until we graduate the first class of students. As an interim measure, we have applied to confer credits from an accredited institution for Security 401 and 504 if tuition reimbursement is a concern. For further information, please contact [email protected]"

    Already sent ole stephen an email...ill let you know what happens...
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    What do you want to bet that is Northcutt?

    Also, so are you saying I could transfer grad hours over into their program ... say from ... Capitol? I do see one issue, they are 4 hours each, while my classes are 3.

    You know they will get some type of accreditation... they have a ton of backing.

    Looks like I "might" get credit for the project mgmt class, as I have the PMP.

    "MGT 525: Project Management and Effective Communications for Security Professionals and Managers 3
    OPTIONAL: Project Management Institute Certification completion constitutes an additional credit hour"

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    The reply

    "Since we are in Maryland, we must seek accreditation from Middle States. The ITCAP program is how you can get credits for 401 and 504 in the interim."

    Ok...What is the Middle States Accreditation? That is the regional accreditor?

    and what is ITCAP?
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    So SANS U is still trucking along with no accreditation - yet.

    Look here for accreditation information.

    My question is this; Do you think there is any shot SANS training would / could be considered for company tuition reimbursement?

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