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    Looking at the courses, it looks like a fairly generic MSN program with a couple of case management courses tossed in. They re-brand their health assessment, patho, and pharm as "Health Assessment for Case Managers", which is pretty silly. There is no difference in the health assessment, patho, and pharm that a CM needs than in what a Nurse Exec or Educator needs.

    Compare it against American Sentinel's program: click. Half of ASU's program is CM-specific. ASU is NA and not RA, if one cares about that sort of thing. But, their MSN program is CCNE accredited. The NA versus RA debate doesn't matter much for this career path, so long as the program is CCNE or ACEN accredited.

    To be frank, this looks like a weak attempt to quickly capitalize on the growing interest in Case Management without much thought put into how it will actually improve the candidate as a current or prospective Case Manager. The fact that they have a pre-licensure program for direct entry into the CM track supports this theory.
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