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    Salem University, a small brick-and-mortar in West Virginia founded in 1888 that became for-profit circa 2000 and is RA HLC, offers a DBA "fully online" with "one residency per year."

    A few interesting features:

    Rolling monthly starts. One course per month block schedule.

    Three semesters of core courses with some dissertation research built in concurrently. Then a comprehensive examination, then a period of "Dissertation Research, Analysis, Presentation" which occurs on a "custom timeframe." This makes the minimum calendar length of the program 3 semesters + "custom."

    "DBA applicants can submit a portfolio for a prior learning assessment based on relevant professional experience totaling at least five years for up to nine credits total." They note this can include leadership in the military and the US uniformed services.

    The business school is accredited by the ACBSP and the program states it is based on ACBSP guidelines. The 2022-23 university catalog states "The DBA will be submitted to ACBSP for programmatic accreditation as soon as feasible per ACBSP guidelines."

    Tuition is 560 per credit x 51 = 28500, plus 2000 per residency. It would be nice if that portfolio assessment reduced tuition-paid credits.

    Program landing page
    Catalog, and catalog bulletins which include tuition
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