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    While not specific to online teachng, folks might find this useful.

    ******************************* is excited to announce the results of the recently
    released 2008-09 Salary Survey, conducted by The College and University
    Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). In total, you will
    find median salaries for over 500 academic and administrative job


    Senior-Level Administrator Median Salaries
    View median salaries of 274 senior-level administrative positions.

    Mid-Level Administrator Median Salaries
    View the median salaries of 204 mid-level administrative positions.

    Faculty Median Salaries
    View the median salaries of 32 academic disciplines.
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    Extremely helpful links for administration salaries, didn't know they had them all in one place in that survey. Getting back to teacher salaries, my cousin showed me a great resource the other day -- I was wondering if anyone else has any other recommendations to research professor's pay, etc.

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