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  1. muhammad_alhor

    muhammad_alhor New Member

    Dear All,

    Is there anyone who can rank the following SA universities (reputation-wise):

    1. Cape town
    2. Pretoria
    3. Stellenbosch
    4. UNISA
    5. Free state
    6. Johannesburg

    The above is my own rank!

    Thank you in advance

    Kind Regards
  2. dpdj1957

    dpdj1957 New Member


    I'm from South Africa and all these Unis that you mention are well known world wide. It still depends on what degree you want to persue. For theology I would recommend Stellenbosch (Capetown) or Pretoria. For MBA, Wits(Johannesburg) is tops. Over all UNISA is the most recocnised for distance education. Hope this was of some help.

    Just for the record, my wife is Professor in Communications at UNISA.
  3. muhammad_alhor

    muhammad_alhor New Member

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your valuable reply.

    I am concerned about Computer Science, any idea about the rank in this field?

    Thank you in advance
  4. dpdj1957

    dpdj1957 New Member


    Depends which program suits you best.
  5. muhammad_alhor

    muhammad_alhor New Member

    Thank you very much for your valuable reply. Is there any offical ranking?

    Thank you again
  6. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    I would only add that whatever ranking you establish in your own mind be considered tentative as the dust hasn't even begun to settle on the ZA university mergers. For example, some departments have been enhanced and some eliminated entirely.I'm tempted to say that you should look to the schools that have been the least affected by the merger but I don't really believe that's the case. One thing I can say is that ease of communication with UNISA has improved substantially within the last year.
  7. muhammad_alhor

    muhammad_alhor New Member

    Top 4 African universities according to Top 500 universities

    1. Cape Town
    2. Witwatersrand
    3. Pretoria
    - Natal
  8. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Readers should understand that this ranking comes from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China and while I have no immediate reason to suspect the source of this ranking, it should also be noted that there is no apparent description of the criteria used to reach this decision.
  9. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    But do they all have significant, no-residence, DL programs? Most of us know UNISA does. What about the others?

    A ranking of the top SA DL programs (with links to them) might be interesting to read.
  10. muhammad_alhor

    muhammad_alhor New Member

    Actually there is a desription of the criteria used to reach this ranking. You can find it here:

    Ranking Methodology

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