Russians spying on u.s. Military personnel are posing as attractive women on facebook

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  1. Abner

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    Russians Spying on U.S. Military Personnel Are Posing as Attractive Women on Facebook

    "Individuals working on behalf of the Russian state are "friending" U.S. service members on the social media site while posing as attractive young women in order to gather intelligence, according to a report from Politico released Monday. The actions are reported to be part of a widespread campaign targeting the U.S. military, one that also involves hacking and the spreading of pro-Russian fake news."
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    Mata Hari catfishing

    It's probably naïve to think that we're not doing more or less the same thing.
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  3. heirophant

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    It's nothing new. It was kind of notorious around Silicon Valley how during the Reagan arms buildup in the 1980's (and its 'Star Wars' orbital battle station stuff), attractive female Russian KGB agents were supposed to be trying to get American engineers drunk in the engineer-hangout bars and talking too freely about the cool military projects they were working on.

    I'm not sure how prevalent it really was, but engineers with access to secrets were routinely warned to beware of it.

    Today, unlike the 1980's, a bigger percentage of workers in Silicon Valley are of Asian ethnicity, and foreign agents try to connect with them through those ethnic ties. Chinese agents will befriend (and/or threaten) employees of Chinese ethnicity in hopes of getting them to spill trade secrets to help the home country (or protect family members who remain there).

    It's always been spy-vs-spy around here, though today nobody seems to care as much as they did during the Cold War.
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    Yep, our military gets a comprehensive CI brief every time they go to another country. Every. Single. Country. Does. This.

    I work in Cyber Security. Since I started in 2010, I've known that the two biggest attackers to our networks (well over 100,000's of attacks daily...yes daily) have been the Russians and the Chinese.

    It helps to read a bit more than the first page on your favorite biased site. Maybe a white paper or two? Some academic journals? Trade journals?
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  5. Abner

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    You know what, that's a good idea. Thanks! And I am not being sarcastic. Take brother Corey!
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    Putin posing as an attractive young woman?

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