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    Since the Rushmore model is based on topical research, projects, and writing papers, can you provide just two examples of papers or projects that a Rushmore student would research and write about that could not be researched and written about at an accredited university. This seems to be what your position boils down to so I am interested in seeing an example of how this manifests in actual subjects or research topics.

    I don't want to hear about how you can choose your own classes. I want to know what research and papers/projects would be in those chosen classes that could not be done where accreditation exists.
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    And you started an entirely new thread to say this instead of posting it in this thread, where it belongs, why, again?
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    "Where it belongs....? There is a place where things belong, here. Funny in that I have been a registered member of DegreeInfo longer than 99% of anyone else here and I never knew there was a particular place where a post belongs.

    Probably the better question is, why would you respond to such a worthless thread when, by doing so, only serves to keep the topic at the top of the list, and thus, cause yourself greater angst by seeing the very point of contention for a longer period of time. I would humbly advise that any time you are in disagreement with a thread for any reason at all, that it would serve your position far better to not post a response. Unfortunately, now you have to bear to see this topic just that much longer while I respond to your question.

    Surely a man as verbose as you must be able to make a little room for the occasional poster and their minimum impact on forum bandwidth.
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    The point made obvious to all (my assumption) by opening a new thread for this question is that Mark Stringer doesn't have a response. There is no education occuring at Rushmore University that couldn't occur at a real school. Little education occuring at Rushmore University is what really will distingush it from a real school not what can be learned but what isn't learned. Add in money (and perhaps a basement) we get to the essence of Rushmore University. :D
  5. PaulC

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    Touche. The point made more obvious.
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