Rochester Institute of Technology Online EMBA?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by CavTrooper, May 19, 2013.

  1. AUTiger00

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    I don't know the pricing on VCU, but I'd definitely rank VT and GMU ahead of them. If costs and time were the same/similar between the three VCU would be the bottom of my list. I don't really think you can go wrong with either VT or GMU. VT definitely has better national recognition, but if you're staying along the I-95 corridor they would both be well received. Honestly, outside of the top-25 schools it's kind of a wash amongst other programs as long as the school has some degree of name recognition, which both VT and GMU do.
  2. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Haha - fair enough Steve, and from the looks of things, your surprise was warranted.

    So VT seems like the ideal program, and I'm waiting for confirmation that the GI Bill would cover all tuition for the EMBA. Thankfully, they accept copies of transcripts for admission purposes (I wish all schools would do this, I've sent so many transcripts out and it's incredibly costly) and waive the application fee for vets, so applying won't be a big issue to at least verify the program is an option for me.

    Still looking around; I noticed Georgetown has an EMBA program (20 months), as well as GWU (16 months); I doubt GWU is worth the debt load, but Georgetown might be. Doubtful, but possible.

    As of now the main contenders are: VT (18 months), Ohio U (20 months), RIT (17 months), Scranton (no cohort, can finish in 18 months) and Cornell-Queens (16 months). I'll probably add more as the weeks progress, but so far that's what I'm looking at.
  3. major56

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    West Virginia University: two Executive MBA programs: online or evenings. Each program is a total of 48 credit hours … in-State tuition regardless of residency (two-year, 48-credit program requires four residencies of three to four days each).
    Total Average Costs $37,256

    EMBA Overview
  4. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    I've noticed the WVU EMBA - very good program, from the looks of things - and pretty much right in line with all my program criteria. I think at this point VT has a higher national reputation than WVU, but I may be wrong.

    I really want to apply to the Cornell-Queens program, but right now I'm wondering if it would even be worth it; I'm scheduled to leave active duty on terminal leave (paid leave) in August 2015, and ETS (final discharge) in December. If I go with VT, I would finish the program in June, which would give me six months to either transition into the civilian world and learn the ropes of my brother's company, OR find another job, depending on which route I take. If I go with a program like Cornell-Queens, I wouldn't finish up until December, and would probably be ~$40k in debt. Not sure if all of that is worth a brand name.

    In the meantime... still checking my (seemingly limitless) options...
  5. instant000

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    In my opinion (prior service myself):

    1. Don't go into debt for the degree.
    2. If you want to do a brick-and-mortar program, then MBA is where it's at.
    3. Name recognition does matter.
    4. Still requires effort on your part.

    It's not worth going into debt, because there is an adjustment from military to civilian life. Basic needs are met by the military (shelter, food, healthcare, etc.) that you don't get as a civilian. You would rather have some savings when you get out, versus the other way around.

    With regards to doing the school "in person" then you can do more effective networking in person. It was already mentioned in this thread, but (in my opinion) that is the main benefit to doing the schooling in person: interacting with peers that you would not have met otherwise. You truly can just read a book, if it was just for the knowledge. The entire point of going "in person" is to interact with the other students. If I ever did an MBA, it would be one of those professional "in person" evening/weekend programs.

    Names matter. We know this. Kinda sad, but they do. If you're going to spend some money, let the name be worth it. The smaller the name, the more important it is that you make sure that you are in the correct local market. Larger names have more national "presence" if that makes any sense.

    It's still on you to make the best of the opportunity, once you set it up for yourself.
  6. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    IMHO, VA Tech would be my reference point for comparison. You would be able to go to VA Tech at a nominal out of pocket price based on your military benefits and the in-state tuition. I would pick one or two schools "above" VA Tech, and apply to 3.

    FWIW - I'll still stand by my earlier assessment of CMU. If you can be admitted and can pull it off financially (and only you know this), I'd go for it.
  7. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Dr. Ambrose -
    Good thoughts; after what you said, I will go ahead and seriously consider either CMU or UNC (they have an EMBA program here in DC); I actually noticed CMU has an EMBA program jointly with a university from Switzerland. The 32 month flex-MBA is simply too much of a time commitment to be shackled to an educational program (other than a PhD), especially since I only intend to stay in business for ~10 years until I can transition into policy/politics. However, the 20 month CMU EMBA may be an option, and I will seriously consider it.

    As of now, here are my narrowed-down application options:
    -VA Tech (spoke with admissions and it looks like I shouldn't have any issues getting in)
    -Ohio U (back and forth on this one; I think VA Tech would be a better option)
    -Cornell-Queens (clearly a reach)
    -UNC EMBA (another reach)
    -CMU (a maybe; still undecided)
    -GWU (another maybe, and enrollment would be contingent on scholarship funds)

    I'm no longer looking into solely online programs; from the advice you folks have given me, it appears that I should do on-site or hybrid programs if I can swing it. I understand online is the only option for some folks (and I enjoy online education), but I'm going to focus only on residential/hybrid programs from here on out (which means I'll probably abandon the original RIT idea).
  8. major56

    major56 Active Member

    Shawn Ambrose also suggested the Syracuse (Whitman) iMBA ($70K) at the outset. Have you considered it as a viable option? Although it is a 3-year program…
    Whitman Online iMBA Experience
  9. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Major56 -
    Yup, I briefly got excited about that program when he first mentioned it, but after realizing it is a three year program, I dismissed it as an option. I just can't reconcile myself to a three year commitment - otherwise, the program was very much in line with what I'm looking for.
  10. Lizza Kaushal

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    Full Time MBA Programe

    Can you please tell me that which university is cheap and best for full time MBA program in abroad? Because I want to take the degree of MBA from abroad only.
  11. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Ok - so I've narrowed my EMBA search down to three programs:

    -George Washington University World Executive MBA (maybe in Cyber-Security - I have a background in intel/info security so it would be an extension of my current skills into the cyber world; not sure though). I'd incur some student loan debt.

    -Virginia Tech 18 month EMBA; I'd be finished by June 2015, and have plenty of time to scout for work during my paid transition period (August - December). Also, I'd incur almost no student loan debt (maybe $10k or so).

    -Cornell-Queens 16 month EMBA; great brand name, but I wouldn't finish until November 2015, which wouldn't give me much time post-graduation to land a good job. Also, I'd incur significant (but sustainable) student loan debt.

    I've pretty much decided that if I can gain acceptance into Cornell, I'm going to take the risk on the student loan debt. My main question is this (in the likely event I do not gain admission to Cornell) - is the GWU brand name substantially stronger than Virginia Tech, or is it vice-versa? What do you think the overall perception is of GWU vs. VA Tech?
  12. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Honestly, even as a GWU grad, I would have to say go with Virginia Tech under those circumstances.
  13. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    I'm with Steve - if you don't get acceptance to Cornell - I'd go with VA Tech considering the circumstances.
  14. AUTiger00

    AUTiger00 New Member

    Agreed, between GWU and Va Tech, go with VT. GWU's reputation doesn't warrant their price tag.
  15. CavTrooper

    CavTrooper New Member

    Lol - I have a PhD, a Harvard grad, and a GWU alum all telling me VA Tech is the better call given my circumstances - probably an indication that VA Tech is the better call given my circumstances.

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