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  1. MuchEduNoLearn

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    I have a friend who is a victim if the Robertstown University scam, rather than someone trying to get a fraudulent degree. When just 3 months shy of graduating from high school, she used RU distance learning to complete high school and obtain a diploma (this was in 1999). Apparently, everything was as you would expect from a distance learning program, and tests were written and passed for all subjects. The problem is that now, she is trying to apply to go back to school and doesn't have a transcript, and no obvious access to one either. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get around this stinking mess?
  2. Ian Anderson

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    I assume your friend in in her mid to late twenties. She may not need a high school diploma to attend college. I suggest she check with her local community college - they usually waive high school documentation for adults over age 23 although some prerequisite courses may be required. What state does your friend reside in and is he/she looking for distance learning qualifications? Once she gets an AA degree then it should be easy to get into a four year school.
  3. MuchEduNoLearn

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    You are right about community college and your assumptions; that getting accepted is not actually the issue. The real issue she is facing is that they are telling her a high school transcript is required to obtain federal assistance. This is an issue now, and will likely also be a problem with any other future schools if there is indeed a requirement that they have a high school transcript on file.
    She has completed some community college already and they have her high school transcript. However, they say they are not permitted to forward it to the school she currently plans to attend for legal reasons. Is that balderdash? If it is true, is there something that can be done in any case?
    Former school = Iowa, new school = Minnesota
  4. Kizmet

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    You friend may need to take the standard set of GED exams. Is it fair? Of course not. But if you make a mistake sometimes there is a big price. Sorry.
  5. Garp

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    I agree with your solution. Most people I have met who have taken the GED and are reasonable bright have told me it is not difficult. This would be a relatively quick and inexpensive solution to her problem.
  6. Shawn Ambrose

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    Where to begin:

    1. For Federal Student Aid purposes, if your friend can score high enough on the ACT Compass or the College Board Accuplacer (and the standards are not high), then there is an "ability to benefit" and the student is eligible for Title IV:

    COMPASS Approved as an ATB (Ability-to-Benefit) Test by the US DOE

    Ability to Benefit Test

    If she can obtain these scores, then the GED is IMHO, a waste of time. Put that work towards the college courses.

    2. In order to have release academic records a student must have a signed request. In other words, a phone call or e-mail won't work. Your friend needs to contact the former school with a written letter or transcript request form (and pay and necessary fees) and ask for the records to be sent to the new school. If your friend owes the former school money then the former school will most likely not release any records until the money is paid.

    I would not worry about the lack of HS transcript. Once the college work is started, that's the key factor.

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    Your friend is lying about having done work. None was offered, none was assigned. It was entirely pay-and-go. Robertstown did not exist until late 2001 or so. Contact me by email:
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  8. MuchEduNoLearn

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    Thanks all for your responses.
    The GED idea I had already presented her, although confirmation was nice, but wanted to know if there was possibly a way to obtain the transcript from somewhere. Thanks Shawn A for the ABT lead, will have her check it out as an alternative to GED.
    I'm not sure what brought this about, but the former school informed her some days after first contact that they would send the transcript on to the new school. A bit of a wrench in the works, and something I find quite odd, is that they claim to have "misplaced" the file. Whether intentionally or not, this of course means that she is no closer to a resolution.
    As to any questions of accuracy, I was guesstimating the date all this took place so that is my error...
  9. Kizmet

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    I would trust George when he says that no work was done. If some work actually was done then it just went into the circular file as soon as it was received. There is no transcript and if one was to be produced then it would be a work of fiction. If your friend is clinging to the hope that her Robertstown experience had some value then the sooner she lets go of this the easier it will be for her to move on.
  10. Garp

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    Well put! Indeed forgetting about the mess, learning from it and moving on is a good idea. She needs to go on to earn a real credential of some kind be it a GED or an AA via method noted above. Don't list this entity,ever. Chalk it up to youthful stupidity (looked to good to be true and it was too good to be true).
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