Robert Braff / Military Imposter / Canterbury University

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    Robert Braff / Military Imposter / Canterbury University

    Robert Braff of Cleveland/Madison, Ohio who has been impersonating an Ohio National Guard Colonel. He has been photographed wearing the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) with colonel’s rank, recon tab, Ohio National Guard patch, american flag, and the United States Army Element Special Operations Command Central (Airborne) patch.

    Braff is a martial arts instructor (San-Ryu-Do) who may be lying about more than his military career. He claims a Canterbury University degree. Diploma mill? Anyone have a personal story about Canterbury University?

    2002 - Canterbury University (Chesire, United Kingdom) - Ph.D. Asian Studies

    Braff’s Resume:


    Sandbox:Robert Braff - The Martial Arts Encyclopedia

    Re: FW: FOIA Request found on fax machine this morning (UNCLASSIFIED)

    Robert Braff, fake Army colonel, exposed

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    Do you know this guy?
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    I know people, that know this guy.
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    Does he claim any FEMA credits? :D

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