Roadmap for Liberal Studies degree at TESC... am I missing anything?

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    I'm 30 years old and have never attended college (zero credits). I went into business for myself right out of high school and currently own a successful company. Recently I've made the decision to serve my country and want to enter military service as an officer... in order to do this I must have any BS or BA degree (technically I need 90 credits towards a degree but I do need the completed degree to make Captain). I'm a pretty smart guy and a very fast learner, and I excel at self-study, so my plan is to test out of nearly the entire course of study using CLEP and DSST (and FEMA). Since the type of degree doesn't matter, my goal is simply to get any degree as QUICKLY as possible, so it seems to me that Liberal Studies is the way to go, after I get that degree I might get another in something more specific (Organization Leadership, for example). That all being said, here's my degree plan based on the research I've been doing on this website and others, I'd love for some of you folks to look it over for errors, duplications, or offer any suggestions you might have. Thanks all for your help!

    (BTW, I chose TESC because they directly accepted FEMA credits, I see that COSC now does as well so I'm open to COSC if there's a good reason to go that route.)

    1. Gen Ed (60 Credits)
    CLEP College Composition (6cr)
    CLEP College Math (6cr)
    CLEP Macroeconomics
    CLEP Microeconomics
    CLEP History of the US 1
    CLEP Introduction to Psychology
    CLEP Introduction to Sociology
    CLEP Introduction to Educational Psychology
    Saylor Introduction to Western Political Thought
    Saylor Corporate Communications
    CLEP A&I Literature (6cr)
    CLEP American Literature (6cr)
    CLEP Humanities (6cr)
    DSST Organizational Behavior
    DSST General Anthropology

    2. Free Electives (27cr)
    FEMA Courses (24cr)
    DSST Principles of supervision

    3. Area of Study (33cr, 18 must be ul)
    CLEP Natural Sciences
    CLEP Human Growth and Development
    DSST Technical Writing
    DSST Public Speaking
    DSST Business Ethics and Society (ul)
    DSST Substance Abuse (ul)
    DSST Management Information Systems (ul)
    DSST Introduction to World Religions (ul)
    CLEP Principles of Management (ul)
    CLEP Principles of Marketing (ul)
    Liberal Arts Capstone
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    I know this thread is a few months old, but I was wondering if you happened to receive any feedback on your roadmap?

    I also noticed that on your Gen Ed, you included micro and macro economics. Would these technically be considered "General Education Electives"? Because I didn't see them listed as requirements on their BA - Liberal Studies page below:

    BA in Liberal Studies Degree at Thomas Edison State College

    Good luck to you and kudos for serving our country!
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    Yes, they would. :) General Education Electives are just that- general and elective! The only courses that don't apply to General Education Electives are courses that are technical/vocational in nature, which would go under the "Free Elective" category.

    Basically, you need 18 credits of "other academic stuff" to fill the General Elective requirement and "any other stuff" to fill the 27 free elective requirement. Some people choose subjects that they will find interesting. Others find courses they can save money on. Others choose subjects that they know well and can breeze through to hasten the degree completion. It's your call.

    Also, Micro and Macro could fall under the "social sciences" category to fit that gen ed requirement.
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