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    One of the old stalwarts of unaccredited schools underwent an ownership change a few years from founder and longtime owner Mansour Saki (IIRC John Bear met him once) to a company called Vine Branches Transformation Company.

    From there, things took a turn for the worse. They didn't obtain candidacy with a recognized accreditor as required by the BPPE's new rules so they lost degree granting authority. Then they showed legitimate effort of applying to TRACS so the degree programs were restored and were then taken away for good after they showed no good faith effort to obtain accreditation.

    Side-note: Under Saki, FTU never claimed any type of religious affiliation and I don't believe Frederick Taylor was all that religious, so the whole ownership change to some "Christian" company and the pursuit of TRACS all seemed kinda shady to me.

    Additional side-note: FTU shares an address with and

    Last side-note: I don't recommend visiting Some weird spam/hijack page pops (although weirdly it doesn't if you immediately type again).
    Fast-forward and they failed to pay the fees necessary to keep their license intact and it's RIP.

    Link to the revocation order on the BPPE site (it also provides all the context):
    The part about revocation is on the last page.

    **Disclaimer: I graduated with a degree from good ol FTU when I was going through a major Libertarian phase of my life. I've since earned two regionally accredited degrees (about to start a 3rd) and I've worked for four different accredited schools (one nationally and three regionally accredited schools). I've made the degree work, but I do have my share of regrets especially now that it's fading into the abyss.
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