Respiratory Therapy Dist. Edu. Programs?

Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by zebco, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. zebco

    zebco New Member

    Does anyone know of any other R.T. distance education programs other than CCHS? Or do they have a "monopoly" on this? Any possible new programs on the horizon? How about foreign programs? Thanks to anyone with info.
  2. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Stay away from CCHS regardless of what you do....they don't have staff and their materials are terrible.

    Try this link:
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy Member

    Distance learning RT

    Weber state in Utah has distance learning RT programs, plus their tuition is very reasonable. CCHS is on probation for their proffesional accreditiation so that may not be a great choice.
  4. zebco

    zebco New Member

    Someone at Weber has stated that as of 7/1/04 they no longer offer the distance education option to out of state students. I would assume then that it's still offered to in-state students, but I haven't heard back about that yet.

    I have some issues with CCHS right now. And I found out they about tripled the tuition. It seems if they're the only one for all students nationwide, they can do whatever they want.

    Does any one know specifically why CCHS is on probation?
  5. Community College of Colorado

    Here's the link:

    Stay away from CCHS or Concord. Very poor and will limit your employment opportunities. Whatever you do, make sure your program will graduate you as a registry eligible therapist and not just a practitioner.
  6. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Once upon a time there was a program in Respiratory Care at Columbia Union College. Maybe it's still there. Check and see if that would work for you. Also, there was one at Charles Sturt University. You'd have to check to see if an Australian degree would be OK regarding your states licensure requirements though. Good luck,
  7. CCHS Probation

    After my bad experience with CCHS, I feel they should be on probation, but the DETC website doesn't say one way or the other. CCHS is NOT listed on the State of California website BBPVE (Bureau of Private and Vocational Education), so I wonder if they lost their state license since they moved to Utah. They still have a campus in San Diego, so it seems like they should have some sort of license with the state.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Howard,

    Two things. First, what happened to your coming to Greenfield the end of July?

    Second, what do you base your statements on regarding CCHS? True, at ONE time they were understaffed. They have added a number of new staff and the materials are regular undergraduate and graduate level work.

    I had been disappointed and upset since January of this year with CCHS. However, the last few months they have greatly improved and some staff have left. The replacement staff has been capable, able, prompt, professional, and courteous.
  9. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Hi Jimmy,
    Didn't get to make the trip --- but I will probably be there sometime around the last of November. Sure hope we can get together.

    I was in the respiratory therapy program and simply could not get answers to questions. I called and emailed several times for help with pharmacology "science is not my strong suit" and got very little information. The straw that finished me was the answer "it is in the chapter - you just have to read." Well, I have been reading for several years and thought I could find an answer if it was there but to be sure I carried the question and the book the the pharmacy director and she said "the answer is not in that chapter and you do not have enough information in the chapter to solve the problem."

    By then I was fed up and simply withdrew from the program.

    Glad to see that you finished -- are you still enrolled at Trinity?
    And update me on your wife's condition.

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry to hear about your bad experiences at CCHS. Sorry you could not make it. Hopefully, we can get together when you come in the fall.

    My wife is doing better. It seems the surgery and medication are working. The pain has subsided and other previous complications seem to have subsided somewhat.

    Thank you for asking.

    I withdrew from Trinity. I just did not have the "umph" anymore. I am tired of "going to school." Plus, my wife's medical expenses take priority right now.

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