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    I am slated to begin my MS in Finance this Summer and I will be taking International Financial Markets and Introduction to Mathematical Statistics.

    Now on to the actual reason for this thread. I reached out to a professor, Dr. Holland, about conducting research. She had asked what I was interested in and said we would figure something out seeing as how I am a distance student. Most likely Skype or Zoom calls to be able to share data, discuss proper analysis of data and so forth . I am interested in the privatization of banks and the impacts it has on profitability and I let her know this. Her response was awesome:

    "Hello Joshua,

    Sounds good. So, keep in touch with me via e-mail if you have some ideas.

    The projects I am currently working on deal with M&A, options, and various known firm events (such as earnings announcements). There is not much needed in terms of data collection currently.

    Privatization of banks is a great topic! I have tried working on it but could not find the data I needed. I was looking to get Credit Registry data from countries where bank privatizations occurred. The credit registry data allows one to see all loans of the bank, their borrowers, and terms of the loans. If you are interested, you may look into contacting the government agencies of such countries to see if you can get this information. For some background information on privatizations and bank privatizations look at Bill Megginson’s work (OU Professor and my advisor in the PhD program) and look via google scholar as well."

    Essentially, this is not one of the projects she is currently working on BUT she is open to assisting me as long as I do the leg work. Which, seeing as how I want to pursue a PhD, makes perfect sense and I am completely okay with. It is encouraging to see that my research interest and topic is something that is of interest to a PhD holding professor at a top business school. Now here is to hoping that I am able to collect enough background information, and data, to move forward.

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