Rehabilitation Counselor at higher level.

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  1. xygirl

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    Hello to you all,
    I would like to know more about Rehabilitation Counseling. I do know a Master's degree would qualify, but that's not enough for me.
    In order to stand out in the crowd of psychologists, I would like a degree a bit higher than Master. Can someone tell me (I really lack knowledge here) what my options would be.
    Would a Doctor in Psyc. be able to do this type of counseling or how is this entire system of Doctorate's level organised?
    I really look for a high degree that will give me good future opportunities and can you tell me how many years I'm looking at?

    Thanks for all the help!!!
  2. simon

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    XYGIRL: "...but that's not enough for me".

    SIMON: First of all what degrees if any do you currently possess?

    XYGIRL: "...In order to stand out in the crowd of psychologists, I would like a degree a bit higher than master.

    SIMON: Thats great! However you are "putting the cart before the horse". Although Rehabilitation Counseling is related to the Psychology Profession in fact it is a counseling specialization NOT Psychology. So if one wishes to pursue a doctorate in Psychology they should not be thinking of a masters degree in Rehab Counseling but of being admitted directly into a Psy.D program after completion of a BA degree. Prior to making that decision one should ask themselves if they have the motivation and aptitude to attend university for five to seven years post bachelors degree in order to complete the doctorate. In addition one needs to ask themselves if they are capable of completing doctoral level research methodology, advanced statistical courses as well as completing a dissertation? Also do you have the financial means to pay a substantial tuition possibly amounting to over $75,000!

    Furthermore,graduate degrees in the social services such as Rehab Counseling and Social Work do not offer great career opportunities or salaries (unless one obtains very senior administrative positions in government or private agencies) while the expectations to work with very difficult, recalcitrant client populations is very high! The burnout rate in these fields is inordinate due to relatively low salaries and the lack of gratification from working with clients who are in many cases resistant, uncooperative and noncompliant. With a doctorate in Psychology and state licensure the employment outlook is better but also not great! Competition for jobs and private clients in private practice for all these professions is very high and a significant number of clinicians who go into private practice do not succeed.

    IMHO I would suggest doing alot more homework prior to making any decisions of commitments.
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  3. xygirl

    xygirl New Member


    That was indeed a very clear answer and exactly my question.
    Now, I totally understand you and would you continue and PLEASE tell me than an area that would give me good jobopportunities and stand out in competition while being in the psychology area?
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  5. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    Since I don't live in the States now, I can't do all that.
    I was kind of dissappointed by Simon's answer.
    Now, I feel I wont have much chances with the psychology field.
    I was hoping for you guys to let me know if counselor rehab or doctor in psychology wouldn't be a great idea. But, now I feel maybe not.
    I just don't know anymore.
    Would I still be better off with a physical therapy-degree. But, that is hard when I don't live in the states.....
    I'm really lost now.
    I thought psychology would be the best solution.

    Thanks again.
  6. simon

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    It appears that you are in a hurry to make a very important decision. However exploring career/educational goals takes time and requires that one commits themselves to make a strong effort to research their fields of interests prior to making any decisions.

    In fact, no one stated that Psychology or Rehabilitation Counseling is not for you. Only you can make that decision. However in order to do that YOU need to do alot more homework on your own to obtain more information about these professions by speaking with Psychologists and Rehabilitation Counselors, reading relevant information pertaining to these fields, etc. You may also wish to speak with a professional career counselor who can assist you in clarifying your career/educational intereests and aptitudes as well as discuss your future career goals.
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  7. xygirl

    xygirl New Member

    You're right Simon, I agree.
    I have to have patience.
    However, it 's so difficult for me to find out information here in a country, far from american universities and the one (Maryland) that I have contact with here in Europe, knows so little and not much at all on Master's or higher degrees.
    I would just like to gather as much information as I can in order to plan an education with promissing outcomes jobwise.
    If I know I have 7 years ahead, I may wanna speed up my rhythm a bit....
    Thanks for the advice.

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