Recommendations for quickest, most inexpensive degree?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by jb111, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. RFValve

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    I take your comment that it was a biased opinion but some PFC credits are ACE reviewed and can be used to complete degrees at places with decent reputations such as Excelsior, TESC, etc. WE can argue that UoP credits can also be transferred to other schools but the cost of PFC is substantially lower.
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    1st sentence: I can't comment on Excelsior, TESC, etc. because I have no experience with them, but I can comment on PFC. I have had a very good experience with them so far. And they serve a purpose for me and others that are in my situation (Older student--doesn't want to spend a lot for credit hours--wants to study with ACE reviewed courses and perhaps transfer down the line). If they have a bad reputation, and certainly if someone of reasonable intelligence that has had a bad experience with them wants to post about them, I will certainly listen with an open mind. But if by saying that Excelsior and TESC has a decent reputation and implying that PFC has a bad reputation when you have no experience with PFC--well then sir--those are "fightin words".

    2nd sentence: I am in complete agreement with you.
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    AFAIK, ACE does not reveal which PF courses are recommended for credit and PF only if you apply for a program. Do you know if that is so?
  4. RFValve

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    I have taken courses at PFC to complete an Excelsior College degree. I still take them to complete CPA cont ed requirements. Cheap and fast to complete, they serve a purpose as you say. Nobody knows about PFC but UoP is very well known, this was my point.
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    All listed right here: ACE CREDIT Penn Foster College
  6. decimon

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    I didn't see that for having scripting blocked.
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    I got my BS LS at Excelsior. As you have I took all of my courses elsewhere. What I did is read the catalog carefully and I did not apply to Excelsior until I thought I was ready to graduate with Liberal Studies. 120 hours, two minors.

    Their evaluation came back that I was one upper division hour short. I took a senior level Philosophy course to finish my degree.

    So even though you said to ignore your attached list of classes I looked anyways. I see 10 upper division classes. Assuming they are 3 hours per course you'd need 20 upper division classes. This tells me you need 10 more upper division classes or 10 more tests, in some combination.

    When signing up for a test pay very close attention to whether it is upper division or lower division.

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