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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by chachoran, Jan 30, 2004.

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    I posted on here before, searching for the right school for my husband. He is not interested in what I had found for him regarding IT and MIS (AS and BS degrees). I've searched all the RA schools on

    Now looking at technical trade schools as a possibility. Since he's been working in the industry for 7 years now, he doesn't seem to think RA or NA accreditation is that big a deal (I prefer RA, myself). He is MCSE and CCNA. Has been a Syst Admin and right now is a NOS III Engineer, whatever that is (like I said in my last post, I know nothing about computers). DeVry seemed a little spendy, and ITT is not an option, since he has no previous college work. I just found UAT and ECPI, but couldn't find ECPI's tuition info. Anyone have anything to offer about these two schools? Or any other schools worth taking a look at?

    Some info:

    - seeking a good AS degree, to start. Maybe even just go for certifications, as long as GI Bill would cover it

    - has a GI Bill he hasn't touched and will expire in 3 years

    - absolutely no past college classes taken

    - wants something completely asynchronous

    - needs something affodable! Low cost, if it even exists

    - is interested in Computer Forensics, Network Security, or Project Management, Web Development (I've noticed he's not too keen on taking math classes, so that's another thing I've had to take into consideration).

    - is not interested in the Big 3

    - prefers to take no more than two classes at a time (one at a time is ideal)

    Does anyone have any particular tech school they can recommend, or even one to avoid? Any information would be greatly appreciated.



    * Is there a link to a site where I can check out the school to be sure I'm not dealing with a degree mill? Like maybe a Degree Mills 'R' Us, or something?
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    Since he has MCSE (I am not sure about the CCNA) he can get lower (and upper level) credits at Excelsior (I believe TESC takes them as well; not sure about COSC). Excelsior College has an AS in Computer Software. They also have a BS in CIS. This type of degree tends to be different than IT or MIS degree because it doesn't have much business related course work (has more programming coursework).

    Would this be something he would want to do? There are a couple members on this board that are doing the BSCIS from Excelsior. From what I understand, MCSE certs, ICCP exams, and CLEPs/DSSTs can satisfy most of the requirements.

    As far as "tech" schools.. how about:

    I don't know how much they cost (I am guessing not cheap).

    That's all I know. If he is interest in IS or CS degrees there are a few out there (just do a search for BSCS or BSCIS) on this board.

    Best Regards,
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    As the above post stated, Westwood College has a very good program, I started there last summer in the on-campus program in Denver. All of their instructors are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach.

    If you husband is already certified that will help immensely, those two certs are worth their weight in gold at this school. Just be advised that it is about $3700/term for the tuition. It's not cheap but they are a good school that has been around a long time. (Used to be Denver Institute of Technology).

    Hope this helps

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