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    "Two terms that are tossed about with great liberality today are 'racist' and 'white supremacist.' Like other words with specific definitions, such as 'fascist' and 'Nazi,' these labels are losing their specific social, economic, political, and legal meaning, and have essentially become nondescript slurs thrown at anyone a Progressive disagrees with."
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    Congratulations on feeling comfortable enough here to actually share your opinion. Oops on second look you actually didn't. LOL

    Systematic racism or institutional racism is a real thing in this country.

    Here's my personal story on racism. My parents were racists but they denied it because they said that they didn't hate anyone. So they couldn't be racist because they didn't hate people. They were racist because they believed things like the Mark of Cain was black skin bestowed on blacks. They thought that blacks were less intelligent but better athletes than whites. I could go on but I think you get the idea. I just believed these things that they told me until I was 16 and made some black friends. They were Democrats but after the Democrats passed the 1964 civil rights act they started migrating to the Republican Party like many racist at the time eventually did.

    The point of sharing this story is that I believe that the vast majority of racists are like my parents. They didn't even know that they are racist. I don't know how many folks are racists but the Trump movement has convinced that it is far more than what I thought.
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    How un-American!
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    I like the diversity of races and cultures, and am at times awed by it.

    I don't think it's a bad thing when different groups want to stay separated to whatever degree, if that's their preference.

    I don't think anybody should feel their race is inferior to any other race.
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    Some people I know became racist after the riots of Los Angeles following the beating of Mr. Rodney King.
    Suddenly they who promoted equality, were targeted by the black rioters for being white even do they were critical of Police for the way Mr. King was treated.
    Chased down the streets of LA downtown just like Reginald Oliver Denny the white former construction truck driver who was pulled from his truck and severely beaten with fists, kicked, and struck with a cinder block.
    Denny a white male was targeted for his race. Paramedics who attended to Denny said he suffered major trauma and came very close to dying.
    The attack was captured on video by a news helicopter, and broadcast live on U.S. national television.

    Life events add to the racial tensions. 2020 was not a good year and actually last 6 + years were I seen deterioration and gradual increase in racial tensions and events including issues between Police and the black community in Chicago, NY and other cities.
    Attacks on religious worshipers in synagogues or Jewish kids day care all show how deep the problem is.
    Some become racists because of how they were raised, and others because of how they were treated by other races.
    There has to be a lot of work to be done in order to reduce/combat racism and restore civility.
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    It is true.

    It is sad but true that there is racism in all different groups of people and races. Racism is a horrible social ill that leads to hate and more racism and more hate. I believe that Martin Luther King and John Lewis showed us the best way to deal with it.
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