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  1. startover

    startover New Member

    I have noticed so many "rutgers" certs on the signatures of posters, that I decided to check it out for myself.

    I've decided to start with: tech writer, and copyeditor/proofreader certs. (yeah i know- she should probably discover the caps-key before she gets grand ideas, it only works sporadically).

    so, I tested completely through the tech writer tests, but only received a 57 (failing) on the IT test. all of the writing I have done previously has been in the medical device or pharmaceutical fields, and I was lucky to score as high as I did.

    without shelling out the 50 bucks to take their tutorial, can anyone suggest some quick reading?

    also, since the crossover between the two certs is greater than eighty percent, will that be an issue in requesting to have certification in both areas?

    thank you in advance,

  2. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    I did both certs - no problem with crossover. That's actually why I did both.

    The IT industry exam was a challenge for me (74%) but that Editing and Proofing test (71% after retest) was a bear and a half.

    I've not used any of the related skill courses so I can't speak to those. What I did was look at the outline in the skill review course and then Google each objective.

    Good luck to you.
  3. startover

    startover New Member

    well, i just completed the "technical writing" cert, and have one test left for the "copywriting/editing" cert.

    once I polish off that last test, I'll pay for the bundle. this was pretty fun, and I'm glad I found out about this by reading this forum.


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