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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Michelle, May 3, 2011.

  1. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    I've filled out the application for Excelsior and was about to fax it in when I wondered how important it is to have the correct major selected on the application. What if the major I chose turns out not to be the best match for my credits? Would it be easy to change? Is it likely that someone at the college would notice and tell me after evaluating my credits? I have some really diverse credits. I narrowed the major down to "communication" but then had to choose between a BA and a BS, so I'm not certain I made the very best choice for my credits.

    Thank you!
  2. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    How many units do you still have to earn? In my opinion it is not worth enrolling until you are within a year of completing your degree.

    Re the BS vs. BA I have not checked recently but it used to be that the BA allowed 59 units of electives including those in professional areas (engineering, business, education, CJ, etc) whereas the BA only allowed 29 units for electives.
  3. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    Thanks for your response, Ian. I have more than 120 credits. Do you know if it is difficult to change to a different major if it turns out that the first one I sign up for isn't the best match? I guess I'm nervous about making the wrong choice because I had applied to Thomas Edison a few years back but had a problem with their customer service and was never able to get the proper credit evaluation. But, one of the reasons I decided to enroll at Excelsior instead was because I heard that their customer service was better, so maybe I don't need to stress about whether or not I've chosen the best major for my credits?
  4. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Sounds like you may meet all the requirements for a Excelsior degree (however you do have to take 3 or 4 units from Excelsior - capstone and info lit).

    I graduated from Excelsior (when it was Regents College) and had good customer service. However others on this board praise COSC for their customer service so I suggest you check COSC out just to cover all options:
    Concentrations (Majors) and CPS Forms at Charter Oak State College
  5. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    I really like Charter Oaks, but I'd like to have both a major and an area of focus.

    I live in Georgia and am a supporting member of the Peace Officers of Georgia, so I was planning to use that discount to enroll at Excelsior, but I get an error message on the Excelsior site when I try to go to the page that lists the fees using the discount. Do you know if something has happened to the discount or if maybe the website just isn't working right?
  6. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    I called Excelsior and found out that they do still offer the discount. I faxed in my application today and also requested transcripts from all the colleges I have attended. Now I'll wait to see how the credit evaluation goes.
  7. fritzy202

    fritzy202 New Member

    Michelle, have you used the Excelsior guide that shows the program breakdown to know where your credits will fall? You can also use the credit by examination guide to find out where some might fall that you aren't sure of, as it may help. This might give you a better idea of where your credits will fall and which degree fits your existing better. You will have to take the Capstone and Info Lit (Penn Foster is the cheapest) before you can graduate. I don't know about the peace officer discount, as I haven't heard it isn't working, but with that discount to apply, I believe you have to take 12 credits with EC, I could be wrong on the amount, but that is why I never used it, as I tested out most of my degree. I have found the advisors in the Liberal Arts dept to be wonderful, so if you have any question you could call them and ask how to handle your application. Good luck!
  8. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    There is a new blog at Excelsior and it’s called Absolutely Scott Free.

    If you haven’t visited Absolutely Scott Free yet, you really owe it to yourself to experience this delightful and insightful blog created and maintained by Excelsior’s own Dr. Scott Dalrymple, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts.

    Dr. Dalrymple launched his blog March 2011, sharing his ideas on the importance of getting a college degree, lifelong learning and, life itself. Recent entries include his take on comedian Steve Martin, opinions on the value of a BS versus a BA, a critique of some for-profit educational institutions, and important points on residency requirements.

    As if he didn’t have enough to do already, Dean Dalrymple also writes science fiction and fantasy stories and has been published in Realms of Fantasy and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

    Now that’s what we’d call a real Renaissance man.

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