Quick Grad Credits in Sociology and/or Psychology

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    Hello, wonderful distance education gurus.

    Where is it possible to pick up some fast, inexpensive, RA, 100% online graduate credits in either sociology or psychology or a combination of the two? I have looked at the usual suspects, and I'm wanting to know if anyone has any other ideas.

    I am looking to get 18 credit hours to add to my teaching areas for the community college level. I already have several, but I have been told by one particular college for which I adjunct that the need is greater for sociology and psychology (for that institution). Therefore, I am looking to just pick up an added endorsement to fill a stray slot when one comes available.

    Therefore, I come to you desiring additional information and options. By inexpensive, I mean REALLY inexpensive ($200/credit hour sounds good...or less). By fast, I mean quicker than 16 weeks (preferably 4-8 weeks each course). By 100% online and RA, I am hoping those parameters speak for themselves.

    My best,

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    New Mexico State University - MA in Sociology (I would ask if they allow non-matriculated students to take individual courses) - $261.60/credit + $25/credit DL fee = $286.50/grad credit. NOTE: Non-resident students may enroll in 6 credits or less to obtain the NM residents rates (listed above).

    Western New Mexico State University - MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (with a concentration in Psychology)
    . Same question as above as to whether they will allow non-matriculated students to take online grad courses. $953 for 6 credits (only $158/credit!!!). If they offered a pure psych or sociology masters I would have been all over this school!

    Best of luck,

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