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  1. Vinipink

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    1. Not really but the potential is there, but the degree in accounting did help me find job with the Federal Government the potential is from $55k to 100K.
    2. Accounting and law enforcement.
    3. I have several degrees from other Universities. AJU degree in my case will not add or subtract to my current standing.
    4. The other MBAs reinforced old skills and provided the opportunity to sit for state exams.
    5. I did start one long time ago, the skills did help to run it, but the economics was not there to continue it.
    6. I am on my second doctorate(accounting) but I did not use my DETC accredited MBA to gain admission although and according to NCU they would have accepted it. But I suspect that at some RA colleges it would have been an hindrance to gain admission.
  2. friendorfoe

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    I didn't get an MBA from AJU, but I did just finish earning one from Ashford U. who is regionally accredited. When people ask me where I got my MBA I do recieve the "deer in the headlights" look at times except whenever speaking to recruiters who are looking for experienced managers. In those cases my 9 years management experience makes my MBA icing on the cake as they are usually "prefered" and seldom required. That being said I've been trying to use mine for a career change that hasn't been going so great in the last 30 days or so but truthfully that's more the economy right now and my lack of focused direction.

    Do I regret going to Ashford? Not in the least. An MBA from Penn State probably wouldn't go over as well as one from TCU in my area simply because TCU is more well known. Even though TCU isn't a tier 1 school. So there are a lot of factors beyond the degree which come into play and effect the degree's value.

    1.) Experience
    2.) The market and competition
    3.) The fame of the school or lack thereof
    4.) The accreditation though, very, very rarely
    5.) The graduate's GPA
    6.) Hard skills the applicant may posses
    7.) etc., etc.
  3. macattack

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    You didn't like my advice? I know I am not an AJU MBA alum so I cannot specifically answer your question. But then again, neither can Bruboy.
  4. Bruboy

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    Just to add to my previous response I believe that your decision should depend on your age and what you purpose is in earning a degree(s). I am in my late 50's so it wouldn't have made sense to shoot for admittance into a top school. My primary reason was to augment my previous technical education with business knowledge and earn an advanced degree along the way without substantial cost.

    If I were a young man (20's or 30's) and single I would weigh the expense of attending a top school with the doors it MAY open and the return that it COULD yield over a period of 20 to 30 years.

    I found that Bellevue fit the bill for my situation. Another plus is that I am an Army contractor and Bellevue has a reputation for serving the military community.
  5. CCBapt

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    Sorry macattack, didn't mean to leave you out.

    I DO feel I need an education. Honestly, if there were anybody who could learn just from self reading and reflection ( instead of getting an MBA) - it would be me. Yet, and maybe it is naive of me, I feel like a degree will give me a balance I lack as of now.

    You have alerted me to the reality of the MBA competition out there. AND the limits of getting a degree from any institution that is not a teir one school.



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