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  1. CCBapt

    CCBapt New Member

    I started a thread, it is here:

    Seems like the discussion has begun to dig up some questions about MBA's from Andrew Jackson. I was wondering, how has your experience been AFTER getting your MBA from there?


    1. Did you get a good job ( $ 80,000.00 or over) with your degree?
    2. What field are you in?
    3. Has the MBA from AJU helped advance your career from the social standpoint - any new personal networks? Did they help you land a job?
    4. What new skills or abilities did you develop from the MBA?
    5. Did any of you start a company?
    6. Did you go on to a doctorate? Where? Did the DETC accreditations serve as a hindrance?


  2. macattack

    macattack New Member

    If you want a high-paying job and expanded career networking I would recommend the best (i.e. Top 20) residential MBA you can get into.

    I can tell from your questions that you will be disappointed with the "deer in the headlights" looks you get from people that will ask that first question everyone asks when learning that you have a MBA... "where did you get your MBA?"

    Why do you think people pay $40,000 per year for tuition from top MBA programs? MBAs are about brand and networking, just as you are suggesting with your questions. If you want to pick up some business knowledge, read the WSJ and the Economist.

    DETC will severely narrow the field of possible doctorates you may get into.
  3. CCBapt

    CCBapt New Member

    I was afraid you were going to say something of that nature.

    I really want to LEARN. I don't care as much about the branding. That is what I am hearing anyway. Get MBA best school you can, get networked and try to impress.

    Call me a deer

  4. macattack

    macattack New Member

    I'll try to put things in perspective for you. I was in a residential AACSB MBA state school. The graduates were lucky to get half what I was making before I went in, so I dropped out half way with a great job offer at a CPA firm - they told me the MBA was wasting my time. Imagine what they would think of AJU.
  5. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    That is the type of thinking that got this country in deep $H**T. Status Quote. If you are going to base your life in status quote be prepared to blow your brain sometime down the road. My take to the status Quote challenge it.

    PS: Vini who got accepted at Florida Atlantic University MBA AACSB program, but though it was a waste of time and money since a low tier MBA accomplished the same thing as the higher tier, to qualify to sit for the CPA exam.
  6. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    In my field (public relations) a BA is a minimum requirement and an MBA is preferred. No degree will automatically earn someone a pay increase (unless you work for the government), but it opens up more possibilities.

    As for name recognition, not many people have heard of Alfred University, Barry University, Baruch College, Elon University or Lamar University, but they all have AACSB accredited programs.

    A residential program is not possible for everybody, which is a major reason why DL programs exist in the first place.
  7. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    How about - does anyone make over 80K without an MBA? Do you equate a salary with a "good job"? Unless you get a top tier MBA, I am doubtful that you will walk into an 80K job out of school. In my opinion, online MBA's are for people with a career history and looking to advance. They typically have the networking done.

    If these are your goals, I would look for a weekend MBA program at a local state or private school.
  8. Clapper

    Clapper New Member

    Actually, many people have heard of Baruch College.
  9. DBA_Curious

    DBA_Curious New Member

    Now didn't you tell me in another thread that my opinions were volatile? And yet here you are telling someone that his personal opinion is full of sh*t because he has the nerve to disagree with you (GASP).

    The original guy who started this thread said nothing about the CPA exam. If you earned an MBA so you could sit for the CPA, that was your goal, not his.

    Can we hold this thread open for what the original poster asked and not other arguments? Specifically, the main questions were could anyone point to a lucrative career facilitated, in large part, by the AJU MBA?

    Maybe someone from AJU can come along and give us alumni stories.
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  10. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Are you still curious or you are just the way you are?
  11. DBA_Curious

    DBA_Curious New Member

    I'm not curious at all about you, if that's what you're asking but, as a person who reads and participates on this board, I'm asking you to let people answer this question without giving one of your lectures on frugality.

    I'm not going to respond to any more of your posts in this thread because I'd like to see it move on. How about you do the same?
  12. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I am glad you came to your senses!
  13. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    They aren't exactly a household name.
  14. macattack

    macattack New Member

    Take a break Vini.
  15. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I did!:D

    I see you may look into be a lawyer.;)

    I guess, this author may head down that path as well (I have mentioned before), because I love to litigate.
  16. macattack

    macattack New Member

    I agree that perhaps CPA firms don't value MBAs as much as other industries, but that does not take away from the fact that the graduates from the MBA program were taking the same positions as the undergraduates on campus. We are talking $35,000 - $45,000 jobs - not $80,000. And again, this was from a B&M, residential, AACSB University. AJU, along with most other non Top 50 MBAs, is not the golden ticket to a high-flying career.

    Exactly my point - Top 50 or so full-time residential programs have starting salary stats above $80,000.

    Absolutely - I am just recommending going into your program with your eyes wide open. Realize what it is and what it isn't.
  17. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

  18. Bruboy

    Bruboy New Member

    1. I didn't pursue an MBA for the purpose of finding a new job but I already earn over $80K.
    2. IT
    3. I attended Bellevue University
    4. Being a techie most of my life each course opened my eyes to how the world of business works. One of my hobbies has been dabbling is the stock market and my finance specialization gave me new insights into the markets in general plus introduced me to the world of forex.
    5. I haven't started a new company but I feel that I have a much better understanding of how to start it and run it. The capstone course for my mba program required a complete business plan, quite a lot of work.
    6. I'm not going to pursue a doctorate. I personally wouldn't recommend a DETC unless you were absolutely sure that it wouldn't impact your future plans.
  19. CCBapt

    CCBapt New Member

    Thanks Bruboy,

    You are the first one to actually answer the post. The info is very helpful.

  20. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Yeah, some of us(including my self) hijack the tread, sorry about that. :eek:

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