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    Hi all -

    I'm noting that there's a few people taking online coursework at Nova on the forum. After reviewing the school fully I'm pretty happy knowing that they're a very serious place with a good history as far as education goes.

    That stated, looking at their programs, I'm confused and this is where the community may help. The question is:

    In terms of their Information Technology offerings, none appear to be online at the doctoral level, but the language on the CSIS page seems to point to work being done on long weekends (quarterly)with collaboration done online.

    Anyone able to tell me how this works out from experience?

  2. racechick8293

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    I had considered the SCIS PhD in Computing Technology in Education, but as I was living in another part of the country at the time, ended up choosing the EdD in Instructional Technology & Distance Education (fully online) at Nova.

    Here's a pretty good description of the SCIS program. It's mainly online, with two 4-day (Thursday-Sunday) sessions on campus. Just FYI, the campus is beautiful! If I had to go back and choose programs again, I would give the SCIS more serious consideration than I did at the time (I wasn't really looking to travel at all back then).

    Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
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    I received my PhD from GSCIS. You are required to spend four extended weekends per academic year. Each extended weekend starts from Thursday and ends on Sunday. In other words, you are required to spend 16 days at the campus in Fort Lauderdale each year. However, once you advance to the dissertation stage, you are not required to come to the campus except if you are required to defend your dissertation (Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences).
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    Thank you Ike.

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