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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by gbrogan, Nov 1, 2007.

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    I initially signed up for the online interactive courses but then a major problem at work caused me to have to work 15 hour days for about 10 days. When I got word of this, I switched to the online independent because I was under the impression that it was just that: independent. I also thought I had 10 weeks to finish the course.

    I have just sat down to begin tackling modules 2 and 3 and when I signed into the web site there is a list of dates that these modules are due and I see that I am three weeks behind.

    Can someone clarify for me if the independent courses have weekly due dates for modules? If it is, I have a major problem here.

    Edited to add: I have emailed the instructor three different times with various questions about the course and have yet to receive any reply.
  2. Abner

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    I would email the president directly at [email protected] He always returns email almost immediately.

    He should get right back to you. It is probably just a minor error. Tell Mr. Alley Abner sent you! :)


    P.S. You are correct. In the online independent mode, you get 8 weeks, with an additional 2 weeks if needed.
  3. siersema

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    I have not had any set dates thus far. Perhaps you're just being pointed to the wrong course info. If the instructor is being slow to respond the registrar is also a good resource.
  4. japhy4529

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    Hi - I am an online independent student and I do not have due dates for any of my course modules.

    A point of clarification:

    Students taking online interactive courses have eight weeks by default to complete all modules.
    Students taking online indepedent courses have ten weeks by default to complete all modules.

    With that said, you actually have up to 12 weeks to finish a course with Aspen Univ. This applies to both online interactive and independent courses. You do have to contact the Aspen registrar before the last week of your course to request a course extension (before the end of week 7 for online interactive students, before the end of week 9 for online independent students).

    The registrar for Aspen is Suzanne Partain. Her e-mail address is: [email protected]

    - Tom

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