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    I am a student at Aspen and have finished 4 courses. I understand that the Capstone project comes much later in the program and frankly, I have no idea what's expected. There are some sample titles on Aspen's web site but they are not really helpful. I'm in the MSIM program and wonder if the Capstone can be a written paper on a tech topic or does it have to be an actual implementation of something?

    I ask this because my employer has given me a huge project to do. I got a brand new server and have been tasked with setting up wikis and blogs mostly for internal use but some for showcasing. In addition to that, I have to train about 200 people of varying levels of tech smarts by running workshops and showing what wikis are and how they can benefit different departments and the like.

    I'm very excited about this and wonder if I document my progress from start to finish if that could possibly qualify as my capstone project. Does anyone know if this might be possible?

    Thanks. The Capstone seems to be like some big secret ritual or something. I can't find any information about what forms it can take.
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    Here is the course page for the Capstone:

    BTW, I am an Aspen student. I just finished my third course in the MSIT program.

    Not sure if what you proposed would work for the capstone. I would contact Aspen and ask them directly.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for that link!

    I can very easily see myself finishing all the courses and totally bombing on the Capstone.

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