1. muhammad_alhor

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    Hi all,

    I have to cases that I want to discuss with you.

    1. I know a person who did not attend a university. Then suddenly he got his BSc it from one university. Then he got his MS and PhD from DelHousie (Canada) with distinction. He do not know about publications and do not show deep understanding for his specialization. Can some body tell me how this happened?

    2. Regarding the reputition of Florida Atlantic University. Is this university a good one or not?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    One of Floridas 11 public universities.
    Wile its not Columbia, Yale etc FAU has very good reputation.

    Just like some others it has its strengts.

    Florida Atlantic University -
    Type Of College: Public, 4-year or above

    Highest Degree Offered: Doctor's degree

    Classification: Doctoral/Research Universities--Intensive

    Online Programs:
    FAU offers the following web-based programs:

    Virtual Masters of Business Administration (contact [email protected])

    Gerontology Certificate (contact [email protected])

    Online Nursing Courses: e-College (contact [email protected])

    Virtual MFA in Computer Arts (contact [email protected])

    Executive Masters of Taxation (contact [email protected])

    Online Masters of Accounting (contact [email protected])

    Online MBA in Accounting (contact [email protected])

    Online Masters in Forensic Accounting (contact [email protected])


    Interactive Television and Videotape:

    FEEDS: The Florida Engineering Education Delivery System is a statewide system whereby graduate level engineering courses are delivered to industry sites and cooperating centers around the state. FEEDS is a cooperative effort among the colleges of engineering and other Florida institutions. It is possible to earn a MS in Engineering through this program.
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  3. George Brown

    George Brown New Member

    Maybe he's faking it? My research suggests that, on average, approximately 18% of applicants falsify their qualifications when applying for a job. He may be one of them.


  4. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    There are sites that sale fake degrees, replicas.

    They state this is very realistic etc.

    Who knows maybe he got it this way
    that is if he actually showed you the diploma.

  5. muhammad_alhor

    muhammad_alhor New Member

    Thanks for the valuable replies.

    The strange thing is that he attested in the Canadian embassy in his country?!

    I read that there are some legal holes in some universities...may be this is the case here?
  6. adireynolds

    adireynolds New Member

    I wouldn't make too much of this, to be honest. I've seen diploma mill degrees authenticated by different embassies and depts. of state (or their equivalent) before; oftentimes, the authentication is only verifying that it's a true copy, or signature -- sort of on the lines of a notary public.

    A gov't stamp doesn't automatically equate to a true attestation, unfortunately.

  7. Ye olde Apostille Trick.... buyer beware.
  8. BobMaluk

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    The said University of Pretoria is indeed recognized in South Africa. In Germany we´ve indeed archaic opinions about foreign Institutions of Higher Education. But, every reader should know this: our system isn´t really bad. Please take a look of the following link:
    H+ tells it´s fully recognized in South Africa. Degrees of this institution are also fully recognized in Germany. I´m sure they have quality education. I don´t think that African Universities are not so good as Universities of famous industrial states like the United States, Japan or Germany perhaps. Now in Germany it´s normal to study in other countries in the European Union. But if you´ve a degree of the University of Pretoria it´s not a problem. I don´t think a degree of the University of Bielefeld (Germany) is better than the MBA of the Frederick Institute of Technology (Cyprus, EU). I´m in this MBA distance learning program, that´s offered by the “Kölner WISO-Repetitorium, Köln”. The degree is, of course, fully recognized in Germany and by its Ministry of Education.

    In some cases a picture or comic tells more than thousand words. It´s not bad to add such things to a doctoral thesis. Perhaps I add a comic to my doctoral thesis, too. Why not?

    He´s right.

    Uncle Janko:
    I´m pleased to hear from Uncle Janko. He´s absolutely right by posting things like this. I´m a reader of this discussions for some years. I´m sure to say, he´s honourable and respectable intentions. So he has helped me in the past with his interesting comments. Every reader should know this! But Arminius hasn’t qualifications like this!
  9. BobMaluk

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    Oh, it´s not right to post it here! But Users like Uncle Janko are really honorable.
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    Birds of a feather flock together. See my post at:


    Arminius :cool:
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    Buh-bye, Arminius.

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