Public Safety Employee/Volunteer Discounts

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    A couple of people have asked about public safety discounts this week, so I compiled this list. One school I did not include was Cleary University because their first responder discount pages are now gone. Feel free to add to the list.

    Faulkner University – 25% discount for LE, EMS, and fire

    National University - 25% discount for law enforcement

    University of New Haven - 30% discount on graduate programs for police and fire

    College of Saint Elizabeth - 25% discount on justice programs for police and corrections officers

    Loyola University – discount for law enforcement seeking CJ degrees

    John Jay College - $100 per semester for non-supervisory NYPD officers
    Molloy College – 30% discount for all New York law enforcement

    Mercy College – Discount for FDNY and NYPD

    The University of Oklahoma Extended Campus – non-resident tuition waiver for law enforcement involved in home land security

    New England College of Business – 40% discount for law enforcement and emergency management personnel

    Azusa Pacific University – 15% discount for law enforcement and their spouses and dependents (up to age 26)

    Stockton University – 20% law enforcement discount for post-baccalaureate CJ programs

    National Sheriff’s Association members get discounts at Columbia Southern, Trident, Ashford, Waldorf, Herzing, California Southern, Bethel, and University of the Southwest.

    Amridge University – Low tuition rates for police, fire, EMS, and corrections

    Tiffin University – 30% discount for Fraternal Order of Police members

    Rosemont College – 15% discount for police, corrections, and private security

    Webster University – discounts for police, fire, EMS, and emergency room nurses and physicians

    Wayland Baptist University - $1,000 scholarship for TDCJ employees, non-federal police, border patrol, and U.S. Marshals

    Strayer University – 48% off for police, corrections, and rangers

    Walden University – 20% discount on criminal justice and forensic psychology programs for law enforcement, corrections, probation, and parole

    Fraternal Order of Police Members – free associates degree program

    Marist College – discount for all law enforcement in the State of New York

    Saint Louis University - $400 undergraduate tuition rate for first responders

    Louisiana College – 20% discount on criminal justice program for law enforcement and first responders

    Point Park University – 20% discount for law enforcement and EMS

    University of San Diego – Reduction of $50 per credit hour for Master of Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership for members of law enforcement and public safety associations and unions

    Toccoa Falls College – 50% discount for full-time emergency first responders

    Seton Hall University – 50% discount on police graduate studies program for law enforcement

    Roger Williams University – 15% discount for law enforcement and first responders

    Nova Southeastern University – 20% discount for firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics for the MS in Disaster and Emergency Management Program

    Southeast Arkansas College – 3-hour tuition waiver per semester for public safety officers and firefighters in the SEARK service area

    Liberty University – 25% discount for first responders. Liberty University defines First Responders as those students currently (or within the last five years) employed, volunteering full-time, or retired from the areas of law enforcement (includes corrections, parole, and security), emergency services, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) senior members, fire safety and rescue work, and TSA.
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    It was very nice of you to put together this list. I’m sure it will help many of our members. Thanks
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    Bumping this to ask whether there are any law enforcement discounts that include state or local level prosecutors as eligible recipients?

    (Outside the state of NY.)
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    Thank you for compiling this very helpful list.

    With that discount Strayer almost becomes affordable!
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    I just stumbled upon this list because I was looking to see if anyone had successful used the Hero Behind the Hero scholarship at Waldorf or Columbia Southern and instead found that there is also free college through the FOP. I think my hubby better get back in the union.
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    For first responders who are federal employees, there have been some updates to the list of OPM organized discount programs.

    The discounts generally aren't huge, but some are OK. Also there's one for the University of Maryland's law school, which is rare and would be a nice benefit for people who live in Maryland and already pay lower in state tuition.
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    Stumbled over another today, University of Arkansas - Grantham. $250 per credit hour tuition (undergraduate and graduate), no textbook, software or technology fees.

    Those who qualify for the first responder benefits include:
    • Federal, state and local law enforcement personnel
    • Firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics
    • U.S. civil servants at the federal, state, county and/or local level
    • U.S. licensed or certified patient care workers
    • Special tuition rate applies to spouses and children (of any age)
    Maybe there's a catch somewhere, but I dunno.
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    What I love about this is that it extends to spouses and children. And the transfer limit is pretty generous. (75% undergrad, 50% grad). My husband is both a veteran and a first responder. If the degree meets any of our needs, I think it would be on a short list of options.

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