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    many california state approved schools state that their degrees allow for licensure eligibility. is anyone aware of the percentage of these grads actually becoming licensed. any recommendations on good dL approved schools gratefully accepted.
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    Thanks so much, Ohnalee, for that reference. What a fine service the state is doing in this regard: spread sheets for every school's pass/fail figures, written and oral exam, back 5 years.

    The only two nonresident unaccredited doctoral programs on the list seem to be California Coast (which went 0 for 7 this year) and Newport (2 for 5).

    Even schools that no longer exist are on the list (LaJolla U, International College) since graduates from years ago took the exams later. I did not find Columbia Pacific on the list at all.
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    Yes, it is interesting that CPU has no one listed. I thought in their early days they offered a Psych degree that could be licensed.

    I enjoyed reading the disclaimer on the page on the use of unaccredited degrees and their acceptability.

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    This is a very interesting post as some so-called degree mills had a higher pass per cent than those accredited. Again, this shows it's not the school but the student that's important.

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