Pros/Cons of National vs Regional Accreditation?

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    Hm. Presumably the better qualified students won't disappear from all schools' applicant pools equally. Stanford, USC, and the UC schools will undoubtedly attract better qualified applicants than, say, Western State will unless Western State offers really enormous financial incentives. Even then...I don't know.

    As to the ABA's intestinal fortitude? They haven't given much evidence of it. In the last few years, the ABA put Golden Gate and Whittier on probation for low pass rates and actually removed provisional approval from LaVerne and Western State. Yet special arrangements were made to allow LaVerne and Western State to receive new provisional approval and GGU and Whittier both came off probation unscathed. So the ABA certainly barks. Whether it bites is doubtful.
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    I should be a bit more accurate here; in Laverne's case, the school's provisional approval expired and the ABA declined to grant full approval. THus the school lost its approval in what might be termed "the normal course of events". It wasn't jerked out from under them.

    I don't recall the actual procedure in Western State's case except that Western State promptly sued.

    In both cases, the California Board of Bar Examiners extended its accreditation with a remarkable minimum of fuss so that the current student bodies were assured of eligibility to take the California Bar Exam upon graduation.
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