Professional Doctorate - No Dissertation or Research Project

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  1. Dustin

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    I don't understand. What is a doctorate without a dissertation or capstone? A really long Masters degree? A professional doctorate allowing you to enter a profession or level of a profession is one thing (e.g. MD, AuD, PharmD, etc.) but Health Sciences isn't a specific profession and has no licensing requirements.
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  2. sanantone

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    One of the courses in the program is considered the capstone because it involves an applied project or something like that.
  3. Futuredegree

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    In the program, they got some type of practicum I was told by a former student.
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    Good morning. I am in the process of deciding between a number of online DHSc programs. EVMS, Bay Path, A.T. Still, Nova Southeastern, MCPHS, and Touro University Worldwide, just to name a few. The EVMS program sounds quite intriguing. Do you have insight on this program or any of the other programs? I appreciate your assistance. Thank you.
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    I got some info on EVMS DHSc, I personally think its the best program but takes long three years. Private message me Ill share the info I got.
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    Thank you very much. I believe I sent you a private message. I am brand new to this board and am hoping I did so correctly.
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    We live in an era of credentialism. As the Masters becomes a regular qualification and not an differentiator, people look for a doctorate to differentiate themselves but also are not willing to kill themselves with lots of work. At my University, PhDs are now running gyms and computer labs and are academic counsellors, these jobs only require a Bachelors but with the abundance of PhDs available the jobs go to doctoral level graduates. In Engineering, it is almost impossible to get a part time faculty position without a PhD even though the requirement is a masters.
    You cannot blame someone looking for no dissertation doctorate just to boost a CV. It is not worth killing yourself with a dissertation just to work as administrator at a government institution or adjunct faculty.
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