"Principal With Fake PhD Removed"

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  1. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Principal With Fake PhD Removed, Sewell Chan, Washington Post, September 9, 2004.
  2. krazymack

    krazymack New Member

    Good! To have a school adminstrator possesing a non-legitimate degree doesn't set a good example at all as an educator. Especially when the DC public school system is probably the worst school district in the nation. The system is totally in shambles.

    I've applied for a position through them and was given the run around. First getting hired as a teacher at the infamous Ballou High School where a teen was gunned down and murdered inside the school earlier this year. Then shortly after the position was done away with due to budget restraints.

    I've since then scratched out the D.C. school district on my list. I've heard so many negative things about working in the D.C. school system. So I truly believe that things happen for reason and I'm quite thankful for not working in a system like that.
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  3. oko

    oko New Member

    Despite consistently being caught, disgraced and fired at least some of the the time, I don't know why people continue to use fake degrees and diplomas for high (or even low) profie jobs. Are these people dumb? I think every school district ought to conduct "operation show your diplomas". Many could still be caught. I was told by an employee earlier this year at a high profile government agency that she is a doctoral student at Kennedy-Western University. I was speechless that this smart employee with a Masters degree from a high profile DC University is seeking a PhD from an unaccredicted university. She may be knowingly or unknowingly building her own ticking professional suicidal ticking bomb.

  4. Han

    Han New Member

    I think it is only recently (and now only a few) of the majority of people get cuaght. I see the dumb ones being the HR professionals that don't do the research to find out about their candidates or employees - pretty sad.
  5. oko

    oko New Member

    Hello Han, I agree with you 100%. I think HR personnel ought to be fired along with those caught with fake degrees/diplomas for not doing their jobs effectively. Sometimes I feel I have punished and still punishing myself unnecessarily acquiring accredited degrees/diplomas while many simply order theirs for a fee through the mail and find their way to high profile and high paying jobs. Then again, were I to ever get caught doing the same, I would be made an unforgettable example although many seems to get off with slap on their wrists. On a few occasions I have had to face judges on traffic violations, the stern warnings I get always leave me with disbelief that if judges are these tough how come I read about murders, rapists and other high criminals being let go only to do worse? I concluded it must be me - judges don't like my face therefore, I will do as much as I can to stay off anything criminal for my own sake. Have a good evening.

  6. Martin Huong

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    Faculty Member with Phony Degree

    Many faculty member of US unaccredited university hold phony degree. How can the authority catch them and throw them out?

    The situation is even worst in Asia and Africa where this universities come and award degree expecially PhD to high profile ppl at sky high price which in fact has no value.

    This universities must be punished not the ppl who have the degree as many of them don't know especially in Asia.

    US may hv to adopt the Quality Framework type of university sysyem where only accredited university is allowed to set up not anybody can set up a university using a PO Box address in Hawaii and operated from the house with many university sharing the same address.
  7. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Why are most of the posts from Viet Nam predicated upon the ridiculous assumption that everybody in SE Asia (especially the ones with lotsa bucks who buy phony degrees) is a stupid ingenue guilelessly falling for manipulation by wily, evil, and phenomenally smart Americans? If there were no culture of corruption, high flyers wouldn't buy these degrees. The self-exculpating--and yet self-denigrating--notion pushed by this congeries of threads also neglects the well-known truth that many, if not most, customers of degree mills are unindicted coconspirators rather than witless dupes.

    Oh. Yeah. My apologies for using "Rather" and "witless dupes" in the same sentence. :rolleyes:
  8. Martin Huong

    Martin Huong New Member

    we don't see this happen from Australia university or UK university why?
  9. tomC

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    Phony Ph.D

    Knowingly using a false degree, I would like to know why she is still employed. What type of example is this setting?


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