Price difference between dealership and an independent shop

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    So I have an MBZ that needs to have an intake manifold replaced. The dealer wants $2,800.00! I could get it done at a small independent shop that only works on German cars for $1,600.00! I told the dealer to give me back my car and I'm going to have it done at the small shop!

    Beware of dealerships. They are ok for fluid changes and service work with coupons, but just be leery of the estimates they give you on other work. I take my car to the dealer for servicings because they give me a free loaner while the car is in the shop. From now on, I am having other work done at the small shop where my dad takes his car.

    I guess I don't fall for to much shit! (ref. to my "Why do I fall for this shit" post).

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