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  1. KKA

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    Hello fellow DL-ers,

    Preston University notes on their website:

    "Legal Status

    "Preston University, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA is a privately owned, for-profit corporation, incorporated in the State of Wyoming, USA.

    "Licensed by the State of Wyoming under W.S. 21-2-401 through 21-2-407, Preston University is authorized to grant associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.... " (

    And, under their accreditation section, the following is reported:

    "The Preston University degree is valid and official. The State of Wyoming authorizes Preston to issue the degrees, and the state evaluators conduct periodic inspections of the university to ensure Preston adheres to all applicable state laws. Among the primary criteria for continuance of the state license is the satisfaction of Preston's students with the quality and value of their academic programs.

    For more information, please see the Wyoming Department of Education website." (

    Using Dr. Bear's terminology, this suggests a "less than wonderful school". However, Preston University Pakistan's website notes local accreditation:

    "Charter / NOC

    "The university charter conferred on Preston by the Government of NWFP, in November 2002, vide Ordinance No. LII, is yet another very significant milestone achieved by Preston in its 20 long and dedicated years of service towards the cause of higher education in the country. The providing quality education at a reasonable and affordable cost has been the corner stone of Preston’s policy, and it has embarked upon providing access to the citizens of NWFP to top quality education absolutely in keeping with this policy. Preston University, Kohat is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC/UCG) under the heading "Private Sector Universities/Degree Awarding Institutes"

    "Preston Institute of Management, Science and Technology, (PIMSAT) Karachi has been recognized and chartered by the Sindh Govt. vide Ordinance No. S.LEGIS:1(26)/2001. Preston Institute is an integral part of Preston University Network in Pakistan. All Preston campuses in Pakistan are covered under this charter. Prior to award of charter, Preston has been granted an NOC by University Grants Commission.

    "Preston Institute of Management, Science and Technology, (PIMSAT) is also recognized by UGC/HEC and is listed on their website i.e. under the heading 'Private Sector Universities/Degree Awarding Institutes'"

    Would, therefore, DL-ers believe that this Pakistan accreditation confer on PrestonPak more "accreditive" legitimacy than the Wyoming registration which gives birth to Preston University?

    I guess it is sort of a philosophical/legalistic question. Just curious regarding opinions of the DL scholars out there.

    Kenneth K. A.
  2. Dennis Ruhl

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    I am sure Preston's Pakistani accreditation would be viewed with the same respect as Liberian, St Kitts and some others. Not!

    American schools that try to obtain legitimacy offshore are sidestepping legitimate American accreditation.

    If a school offers real programs and is financially secure, accreditation by the North Central Assoc. is easily attainable. The must be some reason Preston has never sought it.
  3. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    There is another thread currently ("37 'illegal' institutes" on acc vs unacc forum) about a crackdown on schools in Pakistan. Some of Preston (all???) is listed there, but then, so are Boston U., Washington U., and UHCL. Not sure what it means, but you may want to take a look at it.
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  4. KKA

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    Hello all,

    To Dennis: You are right in principle. No doubt. But my point is that the Pakistani incarnation of Preston (apparently established in 1984) has gained that country's form of accreditation (recognition) in 2001 (I believe--I can't remember what it said on the website now). I checked the roster of recognized degree awarding institutions of Pakistan, and PrestonPak's name was on it. What I am simply saying is that PrestonPak is actually more legitimate (in principle) than PrestonWyoming. Why? Because the first has the country's proper form of "accreditation" while PrestonWyoming does not. In essence PrestonPak is a Pakistani institution--not an American institution taking cover under Pakistani laws. At least, this is what I am figuring based on my research.

    To Uncle: Of course, what you bring up is an important set of points. And who knows exactly what is going on. But, apparently, as per the Pakistani government's view, PrestonPak is as legitimate as any of their other private sector degree-awarding institutions.

    Thanks for the remarks.

    Kenneth K. A.
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  5. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    I would tend to agree.
    Once PrestonPak gets its federal university charter (not just the NOC, not just provincial recognition from NWFP or Sindh--no matter what claim is made that the Sindhi recognition covers the whole country) then, yes, it would seem that PrestonPak should be recognized just as any other GAAP-equivalent Pakistani university.
    Until then, bear in mind that it is listed on the page cited as a foreign school operating in Pakistan. Given the non-qc character of Wyoming licensure, a degree from PrestonPak would then clearly "outrank" one from Preston USA. At that point, I would think that a Preston student here would clearly be better served by a DL degree from PrestonPak than by one from Preston in Wyoming.
    The problem is that all this can easily be overturned by arbitrary government fiat, given the constitutional state of things in Pakistan. (Somewhere, Mr Jinnah weeps.)
  6. codebox

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    KKA, you are very right..

    I am from Pakistan, i just visited Preston Uni in Karachi and asked them about this whole thing... they said this:

    "Preston in Pakistan was initially started by the Preston USA. Then after their first batch graduated, many of their graduates were getting rejected all around the world for the reason that Preston USA is not an accredited one. Therefore, Preston Uni was shut down by the govt. and it again started with a status of a "Pakistani university" (not an amercian one) offering higher education and was approved by Higher Education Commsiion of Pakistan.

    So, Now there is no connection what so ever between Preston Pak and Preston USA.

    BTW, that '37 illegal institutes banned in pak' news was posted by me.

    Personally speaking, people dont really give Preston a priority in Pakistan, infact they look at Preston as one of the last options. bcoz there are plenty of better universities here. I, myself am in PAF-KIET which rocks!
  7. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Interesting follow-up. Thanks for the information!
  8. KKA

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    Thanks for the update, Codebox. Interesting information, no doubt.

  9. Alan Contreras

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    We are interested in the statement that Preston US is not connected to Preston Pakistan because Preston U.S. has applied for approval here and we just heard something from the media about Preston Wyoming taking Wyoming officials on a tour of their foreign sites.

    If Pakistan is not their foreign site, what is?

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