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  1. John Bear

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    Comes now Prescott College (, offering "fully accredited" degrees, through the Ph.D., in as little as two months. Not (of course) the properly accredited Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona, but the one ostensibly in Hawaii (where they have only a PO Box), and "fully licensed" in Nevada (where their mail drop is the same one once used by the World Association). Accreditation comes from the American Council of Home Study Colleges which has no listed phone in Swartz Creek, Michigan. Both the "college" and the accreditor have apparently just appeared, too new for the 14th edition of Bears' Guide, more's the pity.

    John Bear
  2. And it's "The Worldwide Leader In State-Registered
    Accelerated Distance Learning"

    Not only that --

    PCBLS is a Proud Member of the following PROFESSIONAL Associations & Organizations:

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    National Federation of Independent Business (N.F.I.B.)
    National Association of Business Leaders (N.A.B.L.)
    National Association of The Self-Employed (N.A.S.E.)
    National Write Your Congressman
    International Trade Exchange (ITEX)

    Good grief. Can I trade my old computer for a degree?
  3. mcqueary

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    Good grief, indeed. I thought I saw NAMBLA on there for a minute!

  4. SPorter

    SPorter New Member

    They might be below NAMBLA's standards.

  5. SPorter

    SPorter New Member

    Best line on their website is:

    "Executive Management Positions...virtually demand a Ph.D. for employment consideration and/or career advancement."

    I guess we should tell 99% of the population to just give it up.


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