Prehired Bootcamp Lawsuit

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  1. cacoleman1983

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    This is a tech sales boot camp program that I never shared but realize how fitting it is to talk about this as a so-called education/training program. I was in this program back in 2020 and did not complete it. I owed $30,000 along with hundreds of others. I filed bankruptcy after this but had already had tens of thousands in debt prior to this but this sealed my decision. This company is trying to sue nearly 300 of its students and I would have been at this number.

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  2. Vonnegut

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    Really sorry to hear about your challenge and wish you well on a fresh start.

    Reading through those links… oh my…
  3. MaceWindu

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    Sadness. Sorry you were in that program. Sharing the headline to the last link.

    'Predatory' company accused of scamming Washingtonians into $30,000 for online training courses
    A group of at least 39 Washingtonians allegedly owe the company upwards of $1 million, according to the Attorney General's Office.
  4. SweetSecret

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    Wow! I think I had seen Prehired before, but I had no idea about the lawsuit.
  5. AsianStew

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    Woah... Ouch, that's in my neck of the woods! Basically, I remember them from about that time too, in 2019 or so they were 1/10th of the price at about $2500/$3000...
    I didn't have the $ and didn't want to take those as you can pretty much get the same info elsewhere using other bootcamps that are even more inexpensive or free even.

    Link to a few reviews: Prehired Reviews: Cost, Courses, and Outcomes (
    Link to similar article: I Signed up for Prehired: Is It Worth It? | Career Karma
  6. Vonnegut

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    Still trying to wrap my head around $30k for 15 hours of pre-recorded videos, the full charge occurring even if you only watch an hour of the videos, an implausible guarantee, and a goal of $60k.
  7. sanantone

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    I thought boot camps were supposed to be condensed training for technical skills. Tech sales can be covered in a seminar.
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  8. Johann

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    Certainly. But "bootcamp" is a popular buzzword - sounds (to some) like it "works better" than a seminar. Easier to scam desperate people with, perhaps. Certainly "seminars" are also used to scam people - e.g. Trump "University." That guy --- honestly!! :eek:

    " 'Tis as easy as lying." - Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2
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  9. Greeneyedpea81

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    Haha. Trump has always been a business guy. I think I read that he loaned out his name for that school. His history is actually really interesting.
  10. Johann

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    Yes and no. Trump University was founded by Donald Trump, through the Trump Organization. It began as a plan presented to Trump by Michael Sexton, who wanted to license Trump's name and operate the school himself. Trump, however, wanted to own it - and the deal was made. A separate entity, Trump Institute, was licensed (not owned) by the Trump Organization.

    His history? Sure -- who doesn't like a good "fit of the shudders" once in a while? :eek:
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  11. cacoleman1983

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    As of November 16th, Prehired has gone out of business as well as filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after failed attempts of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.
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