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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by RFValve, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. RFValve

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    If one has a doctorate and decides to take a graduate certificate, can you list it in your resume as post doctoral certificate or just certificate? I have seen many that list them as post doctoral certificates but just wondering.
  2. SteveFoerster

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    I've heard of graduate certificates, and postdoctoral fellowships, but not postdoctoral certificates. Personally, I think if one gets a graduate certificate one should refer to it as such whether one has a PhD already or not.

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    Actually I do not know of any post-graduate certs that are for doctorates and not master's degrees. A post-grad cert is usually seen as the equivalent of a master's degree for someone who already has a master's in a different subject. Listing it as a "post-doctoral" certificate would be wrong unless it required a doctoral degree to enter the cert program. The exceptions that come to mind are physicians retraining as surgeons or oncologists, academic psychologists retraining for clinical work, etc.
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  5. Brad Sweet

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    It depends on the programme but many universities don't even give a certificate. It can simply be noted that Post doctoral research has been completed and often a letter can be included with applications to demonstrate that the candidate participated in active research at the university.

  6. edowave

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    I think we are talking about two things here. A post-doc is a paid research position. There is no "certificate." What RFValve was asking was if you already have a doctorate and then take more graduate courses, can you list that as a "post-doc certificate" on a resume. I would answer with a strong "NO" unless a PhD is required to enter the certificate program. Outside of medical or psychology fields, I haven't heard of any graduate certificate program with that requirement.
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    I've seen quite a number of people list their post doc and university simply in demonstration of their ongoing and furthered research at a specific institution; along with listing their PhD and institution where that degree came from as well. Perhaps I am completely in the dark as you say.
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  9. What I have seen up here in Canada with some psychologists I have trained with. This one guy who teaches clinical supervision has a category in his CV as Significant Post Doctoral training, another one named Significant Pre-Doctoral Training. In that approach, one embarks on specialty interests after getting ones doctorate and may develop a specialty. Another psychologist told me he did "post-doctoral work in adminstration and law". He is director of a well known counseling association up here. This model is not the same thing as "doing a Post-doc" to prepare yourself for a tenure track; it is more practitioner oriented.
  10. Kizmet

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    I guess a person could do a CAGS as a post-doc.
  11. ryoder

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    A learner at NCU wanted a dual PhD and were told that the school does not have it and that he should do a CAGS instead.

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