Post-911 GI Bill and Related Question

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    Hey all, long time lurker here but I had a question that I couldn't seem to find a current answer to.

    Does anyone know if the Post-911 can be used for a second Master's degree? I used part of my Montgomery and then switched to Post-911 and finished my first Masters. I still have about 13 months of benefits remaining and want to complete a second degree if possible.

    I phoned the VA and I didn't hang up overly confident with their answer. The lady told me that she couldn't find anything that said it was NOT allowed, but she never stated it was explicitly authorized either.

    Just looking for thoughts on this.

    Part 2: That being said, if I can use the remaining benefits, I would like to be able to finish in a year or so and spend nothing out of pocket.

    I already have RA Bachelors and Masters degrees that will satisfy anything I need career-wise. I would like to pursue a MPA, Project Mgmt, or something interesting to me personally. Are there any RA or NA programs that I could complete within 12 months.

    I would prefer self-paced, open enrollment. I have researched American Graduate University and Bellevue University. I like the options at both but I would like to get some other schools to research.

    Also, if you know of any schools that aren't as writing intensive, that would be great. I don't mind a 5-pager here or there or one 15-20 page paper every class or so, but my first Masters required 2-3 15-page plus papers every class. I would like to avoid that if possible.

    So thanks for reading and for any input in advance.
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    Thanks for the link. I definitely did not see that thread.

    Hopefully the rules haven't changed in the last three years.
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    Yes, you can. I just finished a masters myself and have 12 months left of money. I asked my VA advisor this very question and the answer was yes, you can. Iam doing presently looking for an MBA school to attend to.
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    Does the GI Bill cover tuition for students who wish to attend foreign universities through distance learning? I would like to earn an MA from a very decent university in the UK, but I need to take it through distance due to work. The university says that the VA will not cover tuition unless I attend their campus program. However, I think they may be mistaken or interpreting an old policy. This VA page doesn't seem to indicate that foreign distance programs are restricted (see "RESTRICTIONS ON FOREIGN TRAINING" section).

    Anyone have any idea? I'll contact the VA soon, but I always have bad experiences with them, and they have single-handedly turned me into a government abolishing libertarian. :wiggle:
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    It’s my understanding that VA education benefits will only incorporate overseas programs via study in residence … not distance learning.

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