Possible Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration or Management & Leadership?

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    I am a Director & Associate Professor of a University. As traditional education evolves and colleges are taking austerity measures and closing, I am looking to return to healthcare. I previously worked in the healthcare arena in Marketing, Management, and Training a number of years ago. I was looking to add a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration or Management & Leadership to my background to be more competitive and personally, I am a lifelong learner.

    I was looking at the one-year DHA at VUL but I'm shy to embark on another large doctorate degree. I have a bachelor’s degree in Management, an MBA in Marketing, and a Ph.D. in Management. I have 30 years of experience in corporate and academic environments. Any recommendations for a sort, focused, online program? I am available to enter financial aid too if needed. Thoughts?
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    Just to clarify, are you looking for Healthcare Management & Leadership or just Management & Leadership?
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    Actually either I am interested in.
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    Would a professional certificate work? eRasmussen by Rasmussen University is offering professional certificates in Healthcare Management which covers 3 courses -
    Introduction to Healthcare Administration, Quality Improvement in Healthcare, Advanced Healthcare Law and Ethics

    U.S. Health Delivery and Policy which covers two courses: Introduction to Healthcare Delivery Systems, Healthcare Policy, Ethics and Laws

    plus more for free.


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