possible online degrees of colleges in England?

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  1. xygirl

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    Hi Everybody,
    I'm looking desperately (without luck) for online degrees in the Health sector and without having any degree yet, it's impossible, because I probably need lots of lab-courses.
    Now, somebody told me (as currently I live in Belgium) that I could find online courses in England and go there just for a few weeks and be able to get my bachelor's degree.
    It's not far and of course I could do this, but after doing a search I have no clue where nor how.
    I'm looking for a Bachelor's degree in kinesiology that would be accepted when I go back to the States.

    Are colleges there so good? Could anybody give me some names that I could look up?
    I keep my hopes up for getting the degree of my goals.....
    Have a great day you all!!!!
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