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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Guest, Nov 9, 2004.

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    Bush's only genius is:

    1. Fear works
    2. If in doubt, send a POS like Karl Rove to do my dirty work.

    You made mention of Bush being a moderate. I don't think anyone else would think of Bush as a anything but on the fridges of the right. A moderate he has never been..
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    The Tempest of Life
    Hi Jimmy

    I think the Dems and Kerry made Bush's job easy. I mean he is a setting target as any President is. It should be like shooting ducks in a barrel and they couldn't even get close to beating him. Heck even Kerry supporters had no idea what he stood for! It doesn't get much easier.

    Now it is time for the Republicans to put that behind them and both lead the Nation and put forth their ideas on how our Nation can change for the better. Not an easy task.
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    I guess you meant to say "fringes." You should look at the Bush record while Governor of Texas. He received huge black, Hispanic, and Democratic votes when he ran for reelection because he governed from the center.
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    Well, maybe not quite. My offline friend the staunch conservative (and I do think my friend is slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun) definitely does NOT think of Bush as on the fringes of the right. He calls Bush a "Rockefeller Republican" most of the time, sometimes calls him a RINO (Republican in Name Only), thinks Bush has further expanded an already too big government, and thinks Bush spends way too much money on social programs.

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    Bush is definately a RINO. Ronald Reagan wanted to eliminate the federal Department of Education. Bush has made it the most powerful force in American education.

    A real Republican would never say that Americans can only excercise their First Amendment rights in designated "Free Speech Zones."

    Bush has apparently never even heard of the term "fiscal responsiblity."

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