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    Hello everyone. I am completing my MBA from Webster University and want to teach Project Management. Websters MBA program gives me 9 credits for the magical 18 required (I understand that this is a requirement to teach in a certain area).
    Does anyone know of a RA, DL (preferably B&M) program that would allow someone to take three additional PM courses? I have seen the courses offered by schools like Villanova, but they seem to be only certificates and would not count as credits on my transcript. Also, I would prefer not to take the GRE/GMAT (I've made it this far ).
    My hope is that I can make additional income by teaching 10-15 online courses a year after I complete a MBA and have a total of 18 credits in PM. Opinions? Thanks everyone.
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    Missouri State University has a 12 credit graduate certificate and is the first program that comes to mind. It is RA and tuition is $275 per credit.
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    Check for other options. Use the link to accreditation.
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    The 18 unit rule is one desired by California Ciommunity Colleges (I have never seen classes in project management offered by CA CCs).
    I would imagine that your MBA (especially if it was around 40 units) would be acceptable to teach Project Management.
    Project management can invovles lots of different areas such as Quality, Acquisition, C/SCSC, production, systems engineering, testing, proposals, communications, business, and government contracting. Look at the courses offered by American Graduate University (DETC) or CSUDH
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    PM Courses

    I want to put in a plug for my Alma Mater, Keller Graduate School of Management. I earned my MBA/Master of Project Management thru the university. They also offer a graduate certificate that will give you the 18 hours in PM. The certificate is 18 hours in length (6 classes in PM). It has been very helpful in allowing me to segway into project management assignments.

    Best of luck!
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    A colleague took his MPM at Keller's Long Beach, CA facility. He said he learned a lot which helped him manage programs at a major aerospace company.
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    I started my teaching career at the Keller Grad School in Long Beach. I taught Project Management Systems and the Procurement and Contracting courses. I did not have 18 hours in PM, but I did have an MBA, PMP, and CPCM. I also had DoD Level III certification in Program Management and over 20 years in defense acquisition management.
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    A recent look gave these costs for a PM certificate.

    CSU Bakersfield $1,100
    Kennesaw State University $1,600
    Rutgers School of Business $1,800
    CSU East Bay $2,400
    UC - Irvine $5,520
    University of Maryland $6,435
    University of Virginia $8,088
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    My concern with certificates is that I do not know if it counts as credit hours for teaching. I am more interested in 3-credit hour courses at that graduate level in project management.
    I am pursuing the PMP certification at this time. Thanks everyone for the input.
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    The online program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for a MS in project management accepts transfer credits from the certificate progams at:

    University of Virginia
    University of California-Irvine
    University of California Extension, Santa Cruz
    University of California-Berkeley Extension
    The University of California at Davis Extension

    So they should be good for teaching credit as they are considered graduate level courses.

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