Please help on Online MSc in Logistics/procurement and Supply chain management

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    Hi Guys,

    Please i need you quick help on getting an affordable and globally accredited online programme in MSc Logistics,procurement and supply chain management. I need other options outside the one offered by Salford/Robert Kennedy college.

    Many Thanks
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    William Loveland College, Institute of Logistical Management offers MBA for $4,500.00. The school ties to Dr. David Lady.

    URL: MBA Program

    You might PM directly to Dr. Lady for more information.

    URL: Staff
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    Additionally consider that: William Loveland College, Institute of Logistical Management is DEAC nationally accredited (recognized by both DOE and CHEA). Nothing inherently wrong with this form of accreditation; however, the OP should make certain that a national accredited college /university credential, whether DEAC, ACCSC, ACCET, or ACICS qualification will meet his /her needs (current and future). As a general rule, national accreditation is not as commonly accepted as is regional accreditation.

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